Dear Holly: Your Official Baby Blanket and New Graco RoomFor2 Stroller

26 weeks.

Dear Holly: Your Official Baby Blanket and New Double Graco Stroller

Dear Holly,

For the past few weeks, Mommy spent hours upon hours on Etsy, finding the perfect baby blanket for you.

Not just any blanket, but the baby blanket.

We had to find the one that best matched the color scheme as well as the “Rock-a-bye Baby” theme of your bedroom. Plus, the blanket had to be of nice quality and look modern.

Not to mention, we had to find one in our budget. Though in the end, your Nonna and Papa (my parents) quickly offered to pay for it once they heard about the blanket.

You can thank them when you get here.

So this is it: This is your official baby blanket that will show up in all those pictures while you are a newborn and small baby.

We put a lot of thought into finding a blanket that represents what we imagine you will be like. As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t see you as this dainty little princess.

Therefore, a pink blanket just didn’t do it for me. I wanted to see more character in your baby blanket, as well as the room’s décor.

I feel we’ve done a good job of making that happen.

Meanwhile this week, we also received another important baby gift for you, in the mail…

A double stroller!

Some close friends of the family decided to buy you (and your brother) a Graco RoomFor2 double stroller.

I never imagined we’d ever own anything so nice, or practical. Seriously, I am so happy about receiving this stroller.

It’s one of those things on our Target registry that I of course wished for, but didn’t actually expect to receive.

By the way, you’ll be here in about 3 months. It’s really not that far out in the future at all. So it’s not too early at all to be receiving your baby blanket and stroller.



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