Special Guest Vegan Blog Post: Vegan Broth Recipe by Oriana Maoloni of The Health Madam

The following is a special guest blog post, by Emma of The Health Madam.

Hello and welcome to my healthy lifestyle blog! A blog dedicated to posting information and recipes on nutrition and health, for individuals and families alike. I have a keen interest in nutrition for myself and my family. What to cook or bake, that makes me feel good about what I’m serving, is one of my biggest challenges and concerns. I’ve taken some favorite recipes, whether they are for vegan, meat, poultry, fish or baking, and added other nutritious ingredients, without compromising the flavor.  Along with cooking more nutritious meals, my family and I try to make physical fitness a part of our life, everyday.


Vegan Broth Recipe

I created this vegan recipe from only vegetables and fruit. I freeze off any of the broth leftovers, and use it at a time when I need a quick and nutritious meal. It acts as a good base.  For the meat lovers in my life, I add beef, ham, chicken, pork or fish, which all work well in this vegan broth because of its subtle flavour. Barley or beans, which are both high in fibre, also do well in this broth. Leftovers are brought back to life when added to this broth. I use organic ingredients whenever I can. I sprinkle with Nutritional Yeast before serving (available at most health or bulk food stores). Nutritional Yeast is high in folic acid and tastes just like cheese.

Vegan Broth Recipe – Ingredients:

  • 1-2 medium or large peeled and chopped yams
    This simple recipe makes a hearty and nutritious vegan soup that can be enjoyed in the winter as well as the summer.
    This simple recipe makes a hearty and nutritious vegan soup that can be enjoyed in the winter as well as the summer.
  • 1 large peeled and chopped onion
  • 4-5 peeled and chopped carrots
  • 4 celery stalks, chopped
  • 1-2 peeled and chopped garlic cloves
  • Handful of chopped herbs – basil, rosemary, oregano (optional – you can add one, all or your own preference)
  • Few stalks of chopped celery
  • 1 -2 Large peeled and chopped apple, pear or both
  • Filtered Water

Vegan Broth Recipe – Instructions:

In a large stock pot, I throw in all the ingredients. I fill the pot almost to the top and bring to boil and let simmer for a few hours. I then remove from it from the heat and using a hand blender, blend all ingredients until uniform. I only take out the amount I need, add whatever other ingredients I might like to add, and season to taste. The longer the soup is left to stew, the better the flavour. I add seasonings after all other ingredients are in the broth, especially leftovers, to avoid over seasoning.

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