Our Amalfi Coast Condo Rental in Miramar Beach Near Destin, Florida

Our Amalfi Coast Condo Rental in Destin, Florida

Last weekend our family stayed at a condo rental called Barefoot by the Sea, which is part of the Amalfi Coast Resort on Miramar Beach. We had such a great time that I felt it was worth sharing with anyone out there who is considering staying in the Destin, Florida area.

We chose to stay there as part of our son’s “destination birthday party” for his 5th birthday. Things were made extra special when I learned we would be able to drive a 2015 Lexus GX 460 there and back, from our home near Nashville, Tennessee. (That’s a perk of being a blogger!)

Because rentals in Amalfi Coast Resorts not directly on the beach, but instead, just across the street from it, prices are more affordable than most Destin resorts we looked into.


However, we still had a great ocean view from the kitchen and living room; as well as the deck, where we could enjoy the fresh beach at any time.

Our Amalfi Coast Condo Rental in Destin, Florida

Additionally, the place contains 2 full bathrooms, as well as a master bedroom and a set of bunk beds in the hall, where our son slept. It was his first time to get to sleep in a bunk bed.

We had plenty of room. We are already trying to figure out when we can go back and stay there again. The place was perfect for our family’s needs.

Though we never took advantage of it, we also had access to the 2 swimming pools on the property.

Instead, we spent much of our time at the private beach, which was just right across the street. We had access to a gazebo which grants access to the beach.

It was very private. I think we were the only ones on that private beach each time we were out there.

Not to mention, it’s location within Destin itself was a good central location to plenty of restaurants, grocery stores, as well as fun family activities, like the Gulfarium and the dolphin cruise; both of which we participated in.


In closing, please check out the casual video tour I made using my Samsung Galaxy S4:

I totally recommend this place. In fact, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about it.

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