Family Friendly (Mommy) Blog: Jill Shell on Pregnancy Hunger Cravings

Family Friendly (Mommy) Blog: Pregnancy Hunger Cravings

People often ask me what type of cravings I am having now that I am pregnant.

This used to be a funny question to me because when I was pregnant with Jack, I felt like I had virtually no cravings at all.

Actually, aside from the horrendous leg cramps that crept up in the middle of the night throughout the second trimester, I felt like I had very few “normal” pregnancy symptoms throughout the duration of it.

Well, I can tell you for a fact, I have cravings now!

It’s not the old fashioned “pickles with ice cream in the middle of the night” cravings; it’s the “you name it, I want it” type of cravings.  For example, I was talking to a co-worker one day (who also happens to be preggers, too) and she mentioned how she stopped at Panera to grab a breakfast sandwich on the way to work.

Now, I am vegetarian not a vegan (because I don’t have the will power to say no to ice cream and things of that nature at all times), but because Nick is vegan, I often eat more of the vegan fare, which means we stay away from foods with animal products (no beef, no chicken, no fish, no dairy and definitely, no eggs).

Just a few months ago, I think I had even convinced myself that I was allergic to eggs.  But wouldn’t you know, as soon as my friend began talking about that breakfast sandwich, the brain in my stomach started churning and demanding some eggs.

When I got home that night, nothing sounded good to me, but an egg and cheese sandwich, and I barely ate my dinner.  Hours later as I laid myself down to sleep, I made my plan to get up just a few minutes early to make it into the Panera closest to work.

When my alarm rang, I got up without even so much as a hitch in my step and was out the door 10 minutes sooner than I had been in weeks.  I was second in line in Panera and couldn’t wait to get my hands on that egg and cheese sandwich.  And, even though my mouth suffered a few burns from eating it so quickly, it was just as every bit of delicious that I had needed it to be.

Please do not ask me how many times I have been back to Panera to get this same sandwich . . . it’s a little embarrassing just how much this little baby wonder in me is causing me to crave things I wouldn’t normally care about.

And, don’t even get me started on meat (blackened salmon and steak have never sounded so tempting) . . .


2 thoughts on “Family Friendly (Mommy) Blog: Jill Shell on Pregnancy Hunger Cravings

  1. I am right there with you!! I am 15 weeks now and its not that I have strange cravings but I just want to eat everything. I live a dairy/gluten free life due to sensitivities but lately all I want is a real gluten-y, cheesy pizza. Last Monday, I did cave into the cravings and found the closest Pizza Hut to get a personal pan pizza. My stomach wasn’t the happiest with me but I enjoyed every little bite! Good luck with the new temptations and just embrace it!


    • Congratulations!! I am 15 weeks today 🙂 That’s funny– I am responsible for ordering lunches for our staff monthly meeting and I recently ordered veggie lasagna as one of the options and I can’t even begin to tell you how great it tasted– it was the first time I had had lasagna with cheese in 2 1/2 years. Like you said, we just have to embrace it and enjoy it while we can!! Good to hear from you and I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! Stay tuned for more fun pregnancy stories and feel free to comment back with yours 🙂

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