5 Reasons Why “How Was Your Vacation?” is an Annoying Question

Maybe I stand alone in my feelings on this one… and I wish I didn’t feel this way…

5 Reasons Why “How Was Your Vacation?” is an Annoying Question

But one of the reasons I always dread returning to work from a week-long vacation is that I know everyone who sees me is going to sincerely ask me this immediately:

“How was your vacation?”

I suppose I should analyze the psychology behind why I find that question to be pesky.

1)      I just got back from missing at least 5 business days of work. It’s going to take me at least half a day to simply get caught up on my email alone. I don’t have time to be chatty on my first morning back.

2)      It was a vacation from work. It’s pretty obvious I had a good time.

3)      If I didn’t have a good time, that would be an awkward, unexpected answer. So even if it was a bit stressful at times, travelling with a kid and driving across the state of California or Florida, I might as well say it was a good vacation because otherwise it would only lead to more annoying questions.

4)      Why ask me, when you can just look at my Facebook pictures that I uploaded last night? Just look on your phone. What is this, the year 2003?

5)      I am bummed because now I have to be back at work. I’m not in the mood to talk about fun stuff. I am still in culture shock, you know. Just 3 days ago, I was still at the beach.

Yes, I sound like a jaded, yet responsible 34 year-old husband and father.

Coworkers are just trying to be friendly and nice. Their hearts are in the right place. I bet they even missed me while I was gone.

Asking, “How was your vacation?” is probably their way of simply welcoming me back.

But seriously, can’t they wait until the end of my first week back- after my brain has had a chance to get fried from all the Excel data entry and I’m ready to escape again mentally?

5 Reasons Why “How Was Your Vacation?” is an Annoying Question


One thought on “5 Reasons Why “How Was Your Vacation?” is an Annoying Question

  1. Think nothing of it. The way I see it, the ‘How was your vacation?’ line is as empty a question as a ‘How’s it going?’ that you might get from a casual acquaintance you see in a hallway. Nobody ACTUALLY wants to know. Especially coworkers, since they were chained to the grind while you were gone. If you want to end those inquiries for good and all, immediately launch into a lengthy and detailed explanation of how awesome the trip was…almost to the point of awkwardness. It may take some precious time now, but they won’t ask the next time.


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