Dear Jack: Webisode 22 of Jack-Man, “Tin Roof Rusted” (Pregnancy Announcement Video)

4 years, 10 months.

Webisode 22 of Jack-Man, “Tin Roof Rusted” (Pregnancy Announcement Video)

Dear Jack,

On Thursday we finally officially revealed to the world that you are going to be a big brother.

But the day before, I published Webisode 22 of Jack-Man, “Tin Roof Rusted,” which announced that Jack-Man is going to be a big brother; it even showed the sonogram.

It is our “pregnancy announcement video.”

For over 24 hours, our video was live on YouTube, having been promoted on Facebook and Twitter as well. But it flew under the radar.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning that our news started spreading, but I embedded our video in that post so everyone see it which definitely helped bring up traffic to it.

I just loved the idea of incorporating our family’s pregnancy announcement in a video format; especially in our already established web series.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of your teacher, Ms. Aimee Cornelius, who served as a “camera woman.”

With me in full costume, it was impossible to both direct and film the webisode.

In “Tin Roof Rusted,” things pick up immediately from the point the previous webisode left off; with Vegan Bear taking the 2015 Toyota Corolla for a drive, with Jack-Man in the back seat.

Once they arrive back in the driveway, Jack-Man decides to check the mail, only to discover a mysterious letter which he can’t see to keep his hands on…

You have already asked me when we can do our next Jack-Man video that features Vegan Bear.

Even though you obviously know it’s just me in that costume, I think on some level, interacting with the character of Vegan Bear helps to sustain your imagination enough to believe you are actually friends with a real life mutant vegan bear.

But it’s just me. It’s father and son bonding via a silly costume and a silly video.

Works for us.




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