The Journey Home DVD Review

These days, I leave it up to my nearly 5 year-old son which DVDs to review here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog. Last week when I showed him a picture of the DVD cover for The Journey Home and asked him, “Jack, should we review this movie about a boy who helps a baby polar bear?

The Journey Home DVD Review

With zero hesitation, he responded with an excited yes, as if to insinuate, “Well, why wouldn’t we, Daddy?”

After all, my son is obsessed with learning about animals. Some of his favorite shows on Netflix are Dinosaur Train and Octonauts; both of which provide him with an array of trivia for him to quiz me about after he watches each episode.

Simply put, my son was fascinated by and fixated on The Journey Home the entire time.

It was pretty amazing even for me to see a little polar bear interact with the main character, a teenage boy, with such personality. The bear was like a little puppy.

I particularly enjoyed all the helicopter shots of the arctic.

After we finished the movie, my son asked me, “Daddy, do we get to keep it?” I suppose that implies he’s planning on watching The Journey Home again in the new future.

Now that my son is getting older, we’re able to start watching more family movies, as opposed to just kids’ movies.

Therefore, I do want to point out this movie is rated PG; not G. As the rating label on the box implies, there are a couple four letter words; as well as some disturbing images, like a dead polar bear after it was killed by hunters, as well as the frozen remains of a man who apparently died in the snow and ice.

As for my nearly 5 year-old son, he was too excited about the baby polar bear to notice the elements that make the movie PG rated.

Now, for some exciting news…

Just as our family gets to keep this movie like my son asked about, so did one lucky reader of Family Friendly Daddy Blog as well…

Congrats to Matt Wright, who was the first person to go the Facebook wall of Family Friendly Daddy Blog and ask this question:

Did I just win The Journey Home?

Thanks for reading!



Available on DVD and Digital Video Sept. 22, 2015


Genre:                        Family/Drama/Adventure
Rating:                        PG

Language:                  English
Format:                       Color
Year:                           2014
SRP:                           $27.97
Length:                       98 minutes
UPC:                           0014381002898
Cat#:                           POL00289DVD
Aspect Ratio:              2.35:1
Audio Format:             Dolby Digital 5.1

The Journey Home DVD Review


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