Dear Jack: 6 Months of Living in Our New House

4 years, 8 months.


Dear Jack,

As they say… time flies when you’re having fun.


That must be why it definitely doesn’t feel like we’ve been living in our new house for 6 months.

A week ago made 6 months that we began moving in our stuff and began sleeping there; but it took a solid week after that before it felt like we truly living there and not simply still moving in.


As of today, I wanted to document what our house looked like at this point in history; so I walked around room to room, taking pictures.


One of my proudest decisions in staging our house is that we purposely don’t have a TV downstairs in the living room. It’s important to me that conversation is not stolen in our house.


If I could come up with a theme for our house, it would be this: Quality time.

That’s so important. We have to make the most of our time together despite our busy schedules as individuals.


As you read this years from now, I want you to hear me say this once again:

We worked very hard to get into this house.


It required paying off all our debts (including cars and student loans), then living by an extremely strict budget (including no smart phones), in order to start saving for the down payment on our house.


Something that was very important to Mommy and me was to make sure we raise you (as well as any future siblings) in a good school system. To do that, we had to move to the “right” county: Williamson.


We pour our lives into you. We want the best for you. Being able to live in this house makes me feel like our family is exactly where we need to be.


Living in this house has truly made us happy, content, and at peace. Our quality of life has never been better.


But again, this wasn’t handed to us.


And it’s not simply about how much money you make, as much as it is how you manage the money you do make. We worked very hard to get here… and still do.




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