My 3 Minute Vegan Protein Morning Shake Recipe/Kickstarter for Health & Medicine Magazine

Now more than 2 years into being a vegan, I’ve been having inspired people ask me what I eat in the morning.

I am not a fan of vegan powder shakes. Instead, I believe in the importance of keeping ingredients from being processed whenever possible, so that the food is more alive.

So I invented my own “2 Minute Morning Vegan Protein Shake”, which is full of protein and healthy fats, with no added sugar; so it’s sweet in addition to having a healthy amount of good fats and a sweet, rich taste.

Here’s my new video about how to make it:

Please note that as a vegan, I never am able to physically consume even 1% of my daily cholesterol. While plants do contain some cholesterol, check your labels and you’ll see that it never amounts to even 1% of your daily allowance of it.

My video below demonstrates how quick and simple my recipe is for you:

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1 banana

1 cup of additional fruit (I prefer blueberries and strawberries)

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tablespoon of unsweetened peanut butter

Pour into the blender, then use “4” setting of blender for about 10 seconds. Finally, pour into a travel cup and enjoy once you get to work.

Thanks for learning about my recipe. Please feel free to ask any related questions here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog or on my YouTube video.

In the meantime, I am very excited that this week, Health & Medicine Magazine reached out to me regarding my “Vegan Life” page here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog.

They have offered me a one-page space in our magazine, where I can share your thoughts, recipes, experience, photos and the most popular posts I have.

Health & Medicine Magazine is a high quality healthy lifestyle print publication that will be distributed free of charge for our readers throughout Florida. They wish to inspire many more people to join the healthy life and are working on securing funding via the Kickstarter platform.

In Florida, there are not such healthy free publications. So Health & Medicine Magazine plans to fill that void with their beautiful, quality publication promoting healthy lifestyle (fitness, yoga, healthy food, actual trends in health, nutrition, beauty etc).

Their magazine is completely free of charge for our readers.

You can visit their Kickstarter page to catch a glimpse of what their magazine looks like and is all about:


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