Dear Jack: Webisode 6 of Jack-Man, “The Juggler Strikes Back” (Featuring Best Fiends)

4 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack: Webisode 6 of Jack-Man, “The Juggler Strikes Back” (Featuring Best Fiends)

Dear Jack,

You and I made 4 new webisodes of our exciting new superhero webseries, Jack-Man, over Memorial Day weekend.

The most recent is Webisode 6, entitled “The Juggler Strikes Back”.

In this storyline, we see your arch nemesis Green Meanie (played by me) and his henchman The Juggler (played by your Uncle Andrew) scheme a plan to defeat you by taking away your new favorite game, Best Fiends; which is free to download…


This post has been sponsored by Acorn.

In this smartphone game, you get to help the Best Fiends grow up and level-up fast to unlock new powers and take down the slug army.

By playing Best Fiends, players can even help Edward end Malaria. Seriously Digital Entertainment is serious about doing good in the world. They have teamed up with Malaria No More to help players give a child a life-saving test and Malaria treatment by playing this game. That’s an awesome way to help others! (When prompted just enter your email address and $1 will be given to Malaria No More.) 

Of course, in our new webisode, Jack-Man and his superhero cousin Super Calla (played by your real life cousin Calla) think of a clever way to get Best Fiends back.

Your Uncle Andrew had downloaded Best Fiends for free on his smart phone at the beginning of the weekend. By the end, he had gotten to Level 30; he stayed up playing Best Friends as I edited the newest Jack-Man episodes.

As seen in Webisode 6 of Jack-Man, “The Juggler’s Strikes Back”, you really enjoyed counting the items and characters on Best Fiends, and liked defeating the evil slugs.

This post has been sponsored by Acorn.

This is apparently a pretty popular game right now… which I didn’t realize…

Yet it is still continuing to grow in popularity.

We are seeing the same thing happen with our Jack-Man webseries, but I knew it couldn’t hurt to feature Best Fiends as a plot device in a Jack-Man episode, since people who search for Best Fiends footage on YouTube might find this episode of Jack-Man.

Best Fiends is now forever part of the Jack-Man series!

And to make it even easier for people to find our new show, I’ve created a playlist on Youtube so that anyone can watch all episodes together at once, in chronological order:

We had a lot of fun this weekend making new webisodes of Jack-Man and playing Best Fiends!



This post has been sponsored by Acorn.

This post has been sponsored by Acorn.


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