Dear Jack: The Lego Hospital You Built At Your School

4 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack: The Lego Hospital You Built At Your School

Dear Jack,

Yesterday when I walked in your classroom at KinderCare to pick you up, I noticed that a couple of your friends were helping you build the largest Lego project I’ve ever seen you do.

You showed me how the huge hospital only had one chair for the patients to sit on. I saw a Lego man leaned back; while a line of a dozen or so homemade Lego men (4 small blocks in a T-shape to represent a person) waited in line for the chair.

Another actual Lego man was hanging from the roof, though I’m not sure why.

It appeared as if you were the foreman of the construction project, as your friends Xavier, Jacob, and Joshua assisted you.

Turns out, that was the case.

When I dropped you off this morning, your school director Mrs. Tonya explained there was a slight disruption right before we walked in.

Apparently, one of your friends who was not part of your construction project tried to take a Lego piece off of it:

“No! That’s Jack’s! You can’t touch it! He’s still working on it!” your friend Joshua explained to other student; as Mrs. Tonya explained it to me.

It’s pretty cool to see you in this role of project manager among your friends. From what I’ve seen when I pick you up each day, you’re never the kid who is highly vocal; leading others in that way.

Instead, what I am seeing is you leading your friends through ideas and activities. I like that.

Anytime you receive a new Lego set, we build it together; only for you to take it apart a few hours later, using its unique parts to combine with other unique parts of other sets.

You love the wrecking ball you received with one of your birthday gifts from last months.

The way I feel, all these countless hours playing Legos at home are yielding the results in your play time at school.

I will gladly take pride in seeing you as a creative innovator.



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