Ask A Vegan Anything: “Where Do You Get Your Vitamin B12?”

May 28, 2014 at 8:51 pm , by

3 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

Today, as part of my “Ask A Vegan Anything” series, I want to address the topic of Vitamin B12.

After I became a vegan, I was warned that I would not be getting any of my Vitamin B12, which I was told exclusively comes from consuming animal products.

I was told I could suffer permanent nerve damage if I was Vitamin B12 deficient.

Honestly, I’m not fully convinced this will happen to me, based on a lack of proof that other vegans across the world are actually suffering from a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

For me, I need to see the “missing link” to fully believe that vegans (who eat plenty of  fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds, not vegan junk food like Oreos, Ramen noodles, and soda) are actually unhealthy because of a lack of Vitamin 12.

However, I still consume at least 500% of my Vitamin B12 on most days. Yes, that’s right: 500%.

We keep something in our pantry called “nutritional yeast.” (At Whole Foods, it sells in bulk for $6.99 per pound.)

It’s pretty cheap and doesn’t really have flavor, so it’s very practical to just sprinkle it into our food; it’s really no big deal.

That’s it. That’s how we can ensure we get our Vitamin B12.

But other than that, our almond milk also contains B12 as well; 50% of the suggested daily amount, to be exact. It’s added into a lot of foods, actually.

Right now, you and Mommy are mostly vegan, but you both do consume a small amount of dairy; though nowhere near as much as compared to a year ago before I nixed the stuff altogether.

Perhaps the day may come when either or both you decide to join me in my 100% plant-based life, as opposed to 96%.

If that day comes, we’ll simply buy more nutritional yeast if we have to.

(Mommy has already switched from using dairy milk in your mac-and-cheese to almond milk, as she has done for the milk in the coffee she makes for herself in morning.)

Throwing in some nutritional yeast flakes is really is no hassle. With just a few spoonsful in a meal, it provides 5 times the amount of Vitamin B12 that we supposedly need.

So that’s why as a vegan, I’m not worried about becoming deficient of Vitamin B12. That is, if vegans actually do suffer from that to begin with…

Either way, I’m covered.




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