Dinner Time’s A Bit Different With Daddy, Instead of Mommy

December 6, 2013 at 11:08 pm , by 

3 years.

Dear Jack,

I remember those sort of strange nights as a kid when my dad was in charge of providing me grub and conversation. But it was a nice change, too.

Every once in a while, like tonight, there is that rare occasion where it’s just you and me for dinner time.

What’s for dinner? Ah, leftover Annie’s Mac and Cheese in the fridge, which you insist on eating on cold- and of course, I don’t argue.

Applesauce too. Even half of an unfinished English muffin pizza that Mommy made you from… a few (?) days ago.

Classy meal.

No table required. We both just dined on leftovers from the fridge, at the bar. You quickly resorted to losing the spoon and just eating with your hands.

I was impressed with your barbaric ways.

Lucky for you, there happened to be a chocolate covered cream treat that Mommy had brought home from work.

You even got dessert! Score!

But yes, the conversation during “Daddy does dinner” nights is… sort of caveman.

All I know is, there is silence interupted by grunts. Not to mention, no real eye contact. What would have been at least a 25 minute meal had Mommy been there, it gets edited down to no more than 8 minutes when Daddy’s hosting dinner.

I think part of the reason is because we have to save our energy for our “post dinner scuffle.”

There’s the part where we can go in the hallway and I roll Mommy’s exercise ball at you like you’re Indiana Jones. And where Daddy becomes a ridable bull.

And your favorite, where you grab a random kitchen utensil and use it to “chomp Daddy’s pasta hair” while riding on my shoulders.

So, yeah. Dinner time’s a bit different than Daddy, instead of Mommy. As much fun as we do have together for dinner, I still know you’d rather Mommy to be in charge of dinner instead.

That’s cool.

I can still roll her exercise ball at you anyway.




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