The Jewish Influence on American Entertainment

As we all know, the Jewish race has been persecuted throughout history. And that it is a complete understatement. While that is not news to anyone, there is an amazing fact that peripherally I always knew, but it wasn’t until this week it become obvious. An earth-shaking discovery like the ending of The Sixth Sense.

The discovery is that there was a major redemption for the Jewish people once they reached America. A people group that for so long had been cursed by the rest of the world now suddenly started to become famous and funny. The bottom line: It is dang near impossible to find a sitcom without a Jew.

Sure, there are the obvious Jewish sitcoms like Seinfeld and Friends. But then you find out that Bob Saget is Jewish and suddenly the head of the Full House-hold is not simply an all-American guy. And while so much emphasis was placed on how Italian that Tony Danza was on “Who’s the Boss?”, no one noticed the whole time that Judith “Light” Licht (“Angela Bower”) was Jewish. And all those Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons watching Saved by the Bell, sure enough both Jessie and Screech turned out to be Jewish too.

Below is a “tip of the iceberg” list of successful sitcoms and their Jewish member(s):

Growing Pains: Jeremy Miller (Ben Seaver)
Friends: Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Paul Rudd (Mike, Phoebe’s husband)
Mad About You: Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt
Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfess
Taxi: Andy Kauffman, Judd Hirsch
Roseanne: Roseanne Barr, Sara Gilbert
Happy Days: Henry Winkler (The Fonz)
Everybody Loves Raymond: Doris Roberts, Brad “Garrett” Gerstenfeld
Three’s Company: Norman Fell (Mr. Roper)
Blossom: Mayim Bialik
Scrubs: Zack Braff
King of Queens: Jerry Stiller
Cheers: Rhea Pelman (Carla Tortelli)
All in the Family: Rob Reiner (Meathead)
The Wonder Years: Fred Savage (Kevin Arnold), Josh Saviano (Paul Pfeiffer)
The Cosby Show: Lisa Bonnet

Step By Step: Stacy Keenan

The Golden Girls: Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty

The Three Stooges: all of them

So I did manage to find a few exceptions. I felt proud of myself for that accomplishment. Until I realized who was the executive producer of those shows:

Step by Step, Family Matters: Miller-Boyett (consisting of Thomas L. Miller, who was Jewish)
The Simpsons: James L. Brooks (Jewish)
The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island: Sherman Schwartz (Jewish)

In fact, the more I researched, the more I realized that basically all the original pioneer studios of Hollywood were started by Jewish people: Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Samuel Goldwyn, and Universal MGM. So even if you don’t see a Jewish person on the screen, there is one behind the scenes, pulling the strings. Once I realized that the American sitcom is consumed by Jewish people, I basically just accepted the fact that Jews are the backbone to American entertainment as we know it:

Jerry Springer, Barbara Walters, Howie Mandel, Chelsea Handler, Joan Rivers, Bill Mayer, Jon Stewart, Mel Blanc, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Whoopi Goldberg, Seth Green, Paula Abdul, Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Jon Lovitz, Max Weinberg, Paul Shaffer, Paul Reuben (Pee Wee Herman), Natalie Portman, David Copperfield, Mel Brooks, Robert Downey, Jr., Bette Midler, Lenny Kravitz (who ironically married Lisa Bonet, who is also half Jewish, half African-American), Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Pink, Billy Joel, Lisa Loeb, Harry Connick, Jr., Sasha Baron Coen (“Borat”), Harold Ramis (the nerdy Ghostbuster), Jon Lovitz, Jack Black, Billy Crystal, Rachel Bilson, Barbara Streisand, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Kirk Douglas, Rick Moranis, Zac Effron, Jeremy Piven, Seth Green, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Billy Joel, Joaquin Phoenix, Elizabeth Taylor, Jake Gyllenhaul, Mandy Moore, Richard Dreyfuss, Ben Stiller, Jeff Goldbloom, Rodney Dangerfield, Sammy Davis, Jr., Woody Allen, Jack Albertson (Grandpa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Mel Blanc, Gilbert Gottfried, Pete Yorn, Kiss members Gene Simmons (Chaim Wetz) and Paul Stanley (Stanley Eisen), the 4 main organizers of the original Woodstock, the man who owned the farm for Woodstock, the producer and sound mixer for Woodstock, Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of facebook), George Burns, Neil Diamond, and Stephen Speilberg.

Not to mention the most relevant movie director/writer/producer of this decade, Judd Apatow, who is responsible for Freaks and Geeks, Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Talladega Nights, Superbad, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Step Brothers, and Pineapple Express. Which sky-rocketed the careers of Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, and Seth Rogan, who are all Jewish.

So what? A lot of Jewish people work in entertainment.

But  Jews make up only 1.7% of the US population. There’s not that sort of massive representation from any other minority (or majority, for that matter). Asians make up 4.4% of the country’s population. How many Asian-American actors can you name? Compare that to Jewish actors.

It’s a given that if a person is successful in the American entertainment industry, then that person is beating the odds. In a market that’s so hard to crack, with such a high pay-off for those who do, Jewish people are the most successful.

I have a theory. The Bible has a reoccurring theme that the Jews are God’s chosen people. Jesus was born as a Jew. He preached to the Jews before he preached to any other people group. His followers and disciples did the same thing after Jesus died, came back and ascended to Heaven. The Bible also talks about the Jews being given a second chance to believe in Jesus at the end of the world.

America is basically the only country I know of that has openly accepted the Jews. We took them in from whatever country they were escaping from at the time, whether it was Germany, Russia, Poland, and gave them a new start. We knew, to some degree, what it was like to be religiously persecuted and that’s why we escaped the forced religion of England. We accepted the Jewish people when throughout the history of the world, no one else really has.

Definitely I realize that the economy is shaky and the future is unclear, but America is still the most powerful and most influential country in the world. This country has been blessed with not only abundant natural resources (which ultimately have a whole lot to do with a country’s economy) but also a general mindset of its people to work together and get the job done.

While I do believe a lot of that blessing is because, as a whole, we have always been a Christian nation, I can’t deny the importance in the role we play in regards to God’s chosen people. There are currently 5,393,000 Jews living in Israel, which is their homeland. And there are currently 5,275,000 Jews living in the United States. I did the math: We only have 118,000 less Jews living here than live in Israel. And because those are educated estimates, it’s very possible there are actually more Jews living in America than in Israel. In a way, it’s like America is becoming another Israel. (For the record, France has the 3rd largest number of Jews with just 490,00. So it’s apparent, the majority of Jewish people live Israel and America.)

Obviously God has blessed the Jewish people in America, in so many ways. And obviously God has blessed America in so many ways. Is that a coincidence? I have a tendency to over-think things, but really, what are the chances?

27 thoughts on “The Jewish Influence on American Entertainment

    • Two questions: A non-practicing jew, is that like non-practicing gay… or like Roman Polansky who HOLLYWOOD ACCEPTED AS A “REFORMED” MOLESTER… AND THE REST OF THE WORLD (SANS HOLLYWOOD/LITTLE-ISRAEL) SAYS “NO, JUST RAPIST… WAIT SERIAL RAPIST BECAUSE I TGHINK WE ARE UP TO ’13’… A BAKERS’ DOZEN! BIG MOVIE/ACTRESS fan (time we stopped using ‘actor’ to cover male/female and ONLY if really necessary, JUST use ‘tor and ‘tes).


  1. David Draiman from the hard rock band Disturbed. Justin Schaffer, Paul Scheer and Nick Kroll from the League, Leo Tolstoy, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Ryan Braun Reigning NL MVP, Kevin Youkalis of the Boston Red Sox, Adam Deitch of Break Science, and Pretty Lights, I could go on forever…
    P.S. Lisa Kudrow is specifically from Belarus (White Russia) its a different country than Russian. I am also half Jewish (and half Irish) the Jewish part comes from Pinsk and Babroysk in Beylorussia (as they call it there)


  2. I’m of the opinion that Jews are blessed with a lot of talent. Jon Stewart for example is funny, fair and very clever. However the disproportionate influence of Jews in Hollywood has caused the Palestinians to become a ritual blood sacrifice for the Zionist entity with nobody defending the weak. Here’s an article on Jewish Hollywood by a Jewish writer.,0,4676183.column


  3. from TAXI – Danny DeVitto is Jewish
    Robert DeNiro mother is Jewish
    …yes, the list is a never ending
    Lets also take France, Italy, Russia….everywhere you find Jews are being involved in the best creations that a country is producing.
    Jews are the biggest recipients of the Nobel prizes.
    And overall, yes, every country with Jewish population is blessed.
    America wouldn’t be AMERICA if not the contribution of the Jews, in every possible field. LA wouldn’t be LA as well, neither NYC of course.
    To CharlesEdwardFrith: “palestinians” as a nation never existed for your information. Palestine was an empty place. Mark Twain traveled there as a correspondent for a NYC newspaper around 1890s. He witnessed that majority of the population was Jewish in the big towns like Jerusalem, Hebron…etc. Arabs that call themselves “pales.” started arriving in hundreds and later in thousands looking for jobs created by Jewish immigrants. While we can call them as they wish to be called, fine. Nobody is persecuting them. Just google “Gaza”, photos, and you’ll see how wonderful this town looks today, with cafes, beautiful boardwalks along the mediterranian sea…Their leaders use the best weapon against Israel – lies.
    Yes, it works sometimes unfortunately. But not forever.


    • Well it seems jews like you don’t know the word “humility”. It s funny to see how your people are the ones who never respect the 11 comandments of moise your prophet 😉


  4. Gordon Levitt w/Seth Rogan in “50/50”.

    P.S. Great page. It is a horrid shame that the gigantic Nepotism going on here is not mentioned more by people (to bring this ‘bad’ to attention). So many of my favorite people are Jewish or part Jewish and what is being done in Hollywood/television is making it look like all the greats did NOT work for their fame, but simply chosen because they were/are Jewish. And of course the obvious, if/when you bring this fact up, people quickly perceive you as a racist.

    Only 02% of Americans (United States) are Jewish. That is the same number for redheads. (only 2% of the u.s.a. population are redheads). The sitcoms and other TV shows have the percentage at closer to 60% Jewish. In some cases (Seinfeld, Friends, that 70’s show) the numbers are closer to 90% Jewish. Redheads in tv shows?… Well aside from a bottle-made redhead female, nothing. (unless they need a bully or a psycho or a gay) (see “The State’s” “the jew, the Italian & the redhead gay!”). Nick we are glad you mentioned about more than double the amount of Asians in the U.S. than Jews, though we read it is more like 4x as many.
    Most people do not know the truth about the most simple or the most important things – and most of the things inbetween. Ask them where the sodium fluoride in their drinking (tap) water comes from – they have no idea. Ask them about WTC7 (on 9-11) and they little if anything about it, etc. It is important to get facts straight. (Hence the saying, “Get your facts straight!”) 🙂


  5. from TAXI – Danny DeVitto is Jewish WRONG! Catholic
    Robert DeNiro mother is Jewish… WRONG! His Mother was Protestant! zaq… What the hell are you talking about???
    P.S. You’ve forgotten so many other Jewish actors… BUT from Happy Days you’ve forgotten Tom Bosley, Don Most, and Anson Williams, all Jewish!!!


  6. Jews will br persecuted again, this time in the US, when that happens Israel will also disappear, the World will look the other way, like during the Holocaust. Is is a recurring theme since the Pharaoh.


  7. Zaq, get your facts straight. Or Just shut up rather, you cannot justify your Zionistic stance. Israel had no legal or intelligent basis for its existence, it is a rogue state. A malignant cancer.

    Palestine has ALWAYS existed you buffoon.


  8. “We took them in from whatever country they were escaping from at the time, whether it was Germany, Russia, Poland, and gave them a new start. We knew, to some degree, what it was like to be religiously persecuted and that’s why we escaped the forced religion of Englan” If I may, Poland was historically home for Jewish people since 12 century, at some point in history about 80% of all Jewish people actually lived in Poland. In 18th century Jews in poland had unprecedented freedoms unlike in West Europe where they were prosecuted. And then 2nd world war and Nazi Germany plus USSR were prosecuting Jews in Poland and on former Polish territories. Nazis killed about 3 million Polish Jews and 3 million non-Jewish Poles too… Just saying…


  9. There don’t exist any god. “God” is an excuse for jews, musulman or christian to think they’re special and persecute other. Nothing more, nothing else.


    • IT IS NOT A ‘RACE’ BUT A RELIGION…if you want to ‘limit’ your prejudice since we are talking about a group of people living inthis area for centuies, “semetic” like in ANT-SEMETIC is a good start… although FOR THE JEWS IT IS A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD BECAUSE ARABS AND JEWS ARE BOTH SEMETIC TRIBES! VERY ODD,; MAYBE LIKE OUR INDIAN TRIBES THAT GENERALLY GOT ALONG -some territorial issues- UNTIL “WHITES [europeans]” paid one tribe to wipe out another tribe so as to TAKE all their land (in which the tribes moved the tee-pees according to seasons[weather]/crop/animal migration)


  10. I am Australian and find all this astonishing. I grew up steeped in American TV shows and movies and had a picture and opinion about what the Americans are like based entirely on shows like Seinfeld, Mad about you, Friends and Sex and the City, to name just a few. To be honest, I always wondered why Australians seemed to be so unlike Americans given our shared heritage and the fact that we always felt a great kinship with the people and culture of the UK. Americans however just felt alien to us. They seemed on the whole to be loud, pushy, opinionated with a wise cracking, smart alecky and excessively crude humour that was completely at odds with ours. Reading your blog has made me realise that that picture was probably a highly distorted one and that the American stereotype I grew up was not based on the America whose British roots and experience mirrored our own, as I thought, but on a specifically Jewish version of America that is quite quite different. Now that I am aware of it, I am really shocked at the extent to which the Jews dominate the entertainment and even the news media industries over there, particularly as I have never heard any reference to that being the cae, certainly since the 1950s anyway. I mean for 2% of the population to so overwhelmingly dominate such a powerful cultural tool as the entertainment industry is surely a cause for considerable discussion and debate By Americans I would have thought. And surely it cant ALL be attributed to ‘oh they are just smarter and more talented than anyone else’. Surely there has to be a high degree of ‘in-group’ reinforcement going on. The more I think about it, the more shocking I find the whole thing. It has changed the way I now view all those shows and movies and made me seriously question the image and perception of America and Americans I had built up over the years

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hollywood is at the forefront of the vile, anti-Christian, anti- western belief system…and you’ve proven that Jews are all over it. Nice job!

    No wonder they keep getting kicked out of one country after another.

    No wonder they are finally thrown out of one country after another historically.


  12. We were taught that to say anything about the jew was to be anti-semitic and they had suffered so much. They needed a break from all the harsh and ruthless people of the world that for some unknown reason hated them.
    Then there is the we are all white thing, it had the effect of we lost our culture and were left with this fake culture presented in the media by the jew.
    If they had been kicked out of a country now and then I would think something is wrong with those countries, but to be kicked out of over 100 countries, the jew needs to take responsibility for there behaviors. Either that or my what my parents taught me was wrong. They said if it keep happening and your the only constant you have to look at your self and see what your doing wrong, otherwise it will keep happening no matter where you go. The jew has not learned this lesson and is still attempting to place the blame for their behavior on others.


  13. they are all little rats, have been on the forefront since the 40s. American Idol is a Jewish run show, that’s why you had Seacreast and Simon Cowell the Jew, they tried to destroy popular music by hiring talent less singers to bank off. The Oscars are run by Jews and you barely see any Catholic or Christian movies nominated anymore. Not since the 90s has any thing good come out. Post Titanic and Good will hunting Mira max and dream works hired all kinds of Jews to make movies.

    The music industry has been run by Jews since the 60s, Columbia hired mostly Jew song writers like

    Carol King, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, etc, to write music. Even the four seasons had Jew Managers.

    Music that flopped in the early 70s was mostly non-Jewish produced like the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Tom Petty, the Christian musicians didnt chart at first

    because the Jews couldn’t put their hand in it.

    Even the radio is controlled by Jews, Howard Stern, Michael Savage, the guy who Howard Stern took over for.

    They have Saturday the Jews a day controlled by lust, dates, and entertainment like Saturday night live, movies, the Christians and Catholics have Sunday football.

    Jews are rats who should stay out of entertainment.


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