Jack-Man: A Baby Celebrity in His Own Mind

October 23, 2011 at 10:32 pm , by 

Eleven months.

Jack has a universal nickname, by default. Both my side of the family, my wife’s side of the family, his instructors at KinderCare, and basically anyone who meets him for the 2nd time, proclaims, “It’s Jack-Man!”. This isn’t a name I go around saying; everyone seems to come up with it on their own. Why?

Maybe because Jack-Man rhymes with Pac-Man. Or because they subconsciously think the actor Hugh Jackman’s name. Maybe it’s because Jack really is like a little man with a super hero alter-ego, in the likeness of another similar name: Batman.

Naturally, “Jack-Man” just simply fits him. He has always had this confident, yet illegitimate, sense that everyone he sees already knows who he is- like’s he’s a baby celebrity from a reality show on TLC. Especially here lately, if I’m walking around holding him, he will put his arms out to be held by whoever is standing across from him.

The best way I can describe it is with this picture from the 1980′s of Michael Jackson holding Emmanuel Lewis, star of the sitcom, Webster.

Needless to say, Jack has always had a very outgoing personality and loves meeting new people. I didn’t realize that a baby less than a year old could be this much fun to be around. The party doesn’t start until Jack enters the room.

I was actually a decently shy kid back in my early years; not able to enjoy my surroundings unless a family member or close friend of the family was there. Not Jack.

He’s kind of like that friend you have, whenever you’re out in public with them, they just seem to know everyone; having to take a minute to walk over and say hey to someone who is totally excited to see them- and with this friend, this happens like every five minutes.

Well, with Jack, it’s kind of that way. Even if the complete stranger doesn’t know who he is, A) he thinks they do and B) they soon will, because he will introduce himself.

Passing the Mic:

What is your baby’s nickname?