Dear Holly: I Now Realize You are an Enneagram 2, “The Helper”

6 years, 1 month.

Dear Holly,

Up until this past week, I didn’t question you being an Enneagram 7, the Scattered Enthusiast.

But then I discovered a few of your notes that you thoughtfully wrote for your brother and let in his room.

That’s when it hit me: It couldn’t be any more obvious that you are an Enneagram 2, The Helper:

Empathetic, sincere, warm-hearted.

One of the notes you proactively wrote for your brother was because he “cleaned out the junk” in his room… and gave it to you!

I almost feel silly not realizing this until now…

Because something I always say to you is, “Holly’s such a good little helper!”

You’ve been an Enneagram 2 the entire time.






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