Dear Holly: Your Framed Picture of You and Your Cousin

4 years old.

Dear Holly,

For your 4th birthday last weekend, we had a small party for you with family; only 10 people.

Until the COVID-19 lockdown, we had a big birthday planned for you at the park- there was going to be pony rides!

I guess we’ll be saving that plan for when you turn five next year.

But still, your 4th birthday party was very special because we got to spend it with your grandparents and cousins on my side of the family; at least.

A very special gift you received from your cousin Darla is a picture of the two of you together; which is now propped up on your night stand right next to your bed.

It means a lot to you, as the two of you are inseparable anytime you are both together!



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