What Power Tools Should a Professional Have?

What power tools should a professional have?

In this post, we are going to tell you about power tools, those that work via electric current or with batteries. Since their creation, these tools have become essential to the daily life of any professional.

Below we will list the advantages of these power tools as the best are sold by Mississauga Hardware.

The advantages of power tools

Power tools have many advantages over hand tools. Here are a few.

Speed: Thanks to electric power and a powerful machine, speed at work allows you to complete a task faster. When customers impose a limited time on us, speed is an important parameter to take into account.

Clarification: The goal of a professional is to go fast but without making a sloppy job. This is why speed and precision balance and complement each other.

Safety: Power tools have a safety system to prevent accidents. For safety to be complete, the user must wear protective devices such as gloves, masks, etc.

Power: We can use more rigid materials, dense or impossible to handle manually. In addition, the depth of the work is optimized: from a hole in the concrete to a perforation on a tarmac track.

Professional power tools 

When we are asked to name tool names, we list more power tools than hand tools. We have therefore compiled some essential machines for the professional both for industry and for the automotive sector.


What is a grinder? What are the most important features of the grinder? What are the most suitable grinders for each trade? Here are the questions we will try to answer.

What is a grinder?

A grinder is a very useful and versatile power tool that consists of an electric motor with a mechanism that rotates an axis at high speed. A disc attaches to this axis to perform different tasks.

Its most usual uses are cutting, pickling, sanding, buffing and sharpening all types of materials.

The parameters to take into account before buying a grinder:

You have to choose between an angle or an axial grinder. The first is the most used because it is a universal tool that can be used for several different tasks. For its part, the axial grinder is more suitable for precision work, in places difficult to access, for exclusive sanding or sharpening work, etc.

The other factor to take into account is the disk to use. We distinguish mini grinders when the disc has a diameter of 115 mm or 125 mm and large grinders when they have the capacity to place a disc of 230 mm in diameter on its axis.

Power is important when choosing between a grinder or another. It is an element that determines the working capacity of the grinder. The more “W” you have in watts, the more work capacity you will have and therefore the better adaptation to different materials.

Finally, professional grinders are tools that are thought to work for many hours and with high levels of requirement. It is important to acquire a model of grinder that will match the work to be done and the use you will give it.

Heat guns 

A heat gun is a general-purpose tool that operates at very high temperatures. Here are its most common functions:

  • Tinning metal
  • Weld plastic pipes
  • Thaw water pipes in very low-temperature areas.
  • Remove stickers or decals
  • Remove sealing materials
  • Loosen the oxidized nuts,
  • Wax the wood,
  • Remove the paint,
  • Etc.


Impact wrenches

An electric shock wrench is a tool with a wrench created to provide high torsional power with minimal effort for the user.

Impact wrenches are available for all sizes of standard socket wrench discs, from small ¼ ” tools for small assembly and disassembly, to square discs up to 3 ½ ” for larger jobs.

The sanders

The use of a sander is indicated for correcting or eliminating the paintwork of a vehicle, whether partial or total. The sanders not only remove damage and defects from the paint, such as scratches it also makes it possible to shine in order to obtain an optimal finish.

Types of sanders: 

There are simply two types of electric sanders: Rotary (or circular) sander and a double-action (or orbital) sander. The fundamental difference between them is the mode of rotation of the cap or the sanding foam, hence the name of each machine.

With rotary sanders, the foam rotates on its axis in a circle and the speed is measured in revolutions per minute. Conversely, with double action sanders, the foam rotates not only circularly but also alternately, and speed is measured in movements per minute.

Rotary sanders were the first machines used for sanding vehicle bodywork and are still widely used. The fact that the foam follows a circular movement allows a more uniform distribution of the cutting abrasives and therefore transforms the machine into an extremely flexible instrument for the correction of paint.

As an added benefit, rotary sanders can be used with wool foam. The latter has much more cutting capacity, that’s why it should be used with caution. However, it is an essential and necessary tool to eliminate deep scratches.

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