I Used Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Loss for 2 Years and This is What Happened…

Pictures of me from 2 years ago on Christmas Day, 2016:

I am the first and only man to consistently apply rosemary oil to my scalp for a period of 2 years, while documenting the process the entire time. Most important is that I was not using one particular brand of rosemary oil, so that it could not be perceived I was pushing a certain brand name:

1 ounce almond oil (carrier oil)

18 drops rosemary oil

3 drops rose hip seed oil

3 drops sage oil

3 drops lavender oil

Based on my regularly documented research, both in photos and videos along the way, I hereby proclaim that I see no proof that rosemary oil did anything to reverse my male pattern baldness over the past 2 years. 

Pictures of me, 2 years later, from Christmas Day, 2018:

However, I cannot prove that rosemary oil didn’t prevent my hair loss from getting worse. 

So did rosemary oil reverse my hair loss? I say no, but I am curious to know your perception of this experiment. 

Did rosemary oil prevent further hair loss? It may be impossible to know that. 

All we can do is determine whether my hairline and density look the same now as they did two years ago. But even if they didn’t worsen over the past two years, we cannot determine that that was on account of using rosemary oil. 

It may simply be that my genetics dictated that I would not experience further hair loss over that two year span. 

What are your thoughts on this, though?

And in case you’re interested in trying out some shampoo that contains some of the oils I use everyday, here’s a link to Amazon.

Or, if you’d rather just shave off your hair, like I did in this video…

Here’s an Amazon link for that, too. 



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