Hosting the Perfect Fourth of July Backyard Barbeque

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Create a Fourth of July party with some flare this year with these helpful hosting tips.

The Fourth of July is one of the most anticipated summer holidays for adults and children alike. Fireworks, grills billowing with smoke and the scents of marinated cuts of meat, sparkles, and parades with plenty of waving flags are synonymous with the day marking America’s independence from Great Britain in 1776. Backyard barbeques decorate the suburbs, block parties fill urban spaces, and baseball stadiums across the nation fill with packed-out crowds who wait in anxious anticipation for the last pitch so the firework show can begin. Children stay up past their usual bedtimes and run wild, hyped up on sugary drinks and popsicle treats, embracing some of their final times with friends before they go back to school for another year.

If you want this year’s July Fourth to be one full of memories worth cherishing for years to come then a neighborhood backyard hangout is the simple, all-American solution. Creating the perfect Fourth of July backyard barbeque takes some planning but here are some tips to help you nail all the details:

Solidify the Guest List. Before the invitations are mailed, the campfire is lit, or the first beverage is opened, you need to come up with a guest list. Pulling together a group of people in the communal spirit of fun and entertainment is not an exact science, but it does take some thought and planning if you want to perfect it. First, you need to decide how many people you can comfortably host. From there take a mental inventory of family, friends, and neighbors who will positively contribute to the ambiance. Finally, make sure you adequately assess relationships between your intended attendees to ensure there is no underlying tension which should be addressed before the festivities begin.  

Have Food Suitable for All. Whether you have red, white, and blue sprinkle cookies, a litany of hot dogs, hamburgers, and brats with every conceivable condiment, or if you merely order pizzas, your primary concerns as the host or hostess should be having enough food for all your guests and addressing any of their dietary restrictions. If you are looking for some inspiration for your spread, check out these classics from Southern Living.

Fill the Coolers. At the height of summer the weather is sure to play a part in any outdoor event so you should cautiously stock plenty of water and other beverages for your guests. If you choose to serve adult-only drinks, make sure to separate them from the nonalcoholic options and clearly mark them to alleviate any confusion. Plan on getting extra ice before the party to guarantee everything stays chilled for the duration of the gathering.

Create an Atmosphere. Establish the mood of the backyard barbeque with music, decor, and ambiance. Sparkles, patriotic decorations like flags and streamers, and a timeless mix of Independence Day-inspired tunes like this list from Spotify, will give you and your guests a casual backyard barbeque feel.

Make a Splash. One of the best parts of celebrating Fourth of July is the festivities last all day long, from sun up to way past sundown. When you wake up you are abruptly greeted by fire trucks, decorated bicycles, and high school marching bands in the town’s local parade, then you move onto a phase of neighborhood hangouts where smokers and grills send delicious aromas throughout the hot summer air, and it all concludes with a firework spectacular to light up the night sky. What if you could add a refreshing element to the mix by turning the gathering into a neighborhood pool party?


Now the option to create a backyard your neighbors will actually want to hang out in is easier than ever with the help of Rec Warehouse. Rec Warehouse is an Atlanta-based business specializing in the sale of leisure and recreation equipment like hot tubs, pool tables, outdoor kitchens, patio furniture, misting fans, tanning bed, and of course, above ground pools. Rec Warehouse is a family owned and operated business with two gorgeous showroom locations in Norcross and Kennesaw. They also offer an e-commerce site with an abundance of options and a live chat feature so you can get all the help of an expert salesperson without ever having to leave your home.

Make this year’s Fourth of July backyard barbeque one for the history books and watch the twinkling fireworks in a pool of your own. To get the ball rolling, stop by Rec Warehouse today to talk to one of their professional and knowledgeable staff.  

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