Dear Holly: Your Front Row Seat for the Snow

1 year, 8 months.

Dear Holly,

As the snow began falling down Tuesday morning, you took it up yourself to go grab your director’s chair, and move it to the kitchen. You wanted a front row seat for the snow.

While it has definitely snowed in your lifetime, I can tell that this time around, you really seemed intrigued by the concept of white powder falling from the sky, and seeing your brother and your Daddy being able to sled in it; as you looked out the window with Mommy.

Accordingly, this has been your first real experience being snowed in. Your brother has been doing his best to help you navigate it.

He has been generous to hold you up higher to get a better view of the snow outside.

He has been kind to let you casually hang out next to him as he catches up on his favorite shows on Netflix.

And he has been helpful in letting me know when you need a refill on Cheerios, in your “baby buffet” of snacks that I lay out across the kitchen table for you.

I wonder if when you’re older, you’ll be as eager to get out there in the snow as your brother is. My hesitation is knowing how much Mommy doesn’t like being outside in extreme temperatures. It can’t be too cold or too hot, for her to be able to enjoy it.

As for your brother and me, we love being outside that we don’t care what it’s like out there.

We just need the adventure and the fresh air.

So I do wonder, will you end up joining us once you get older?

There’s a lot to explore outside with us. We always find adventures.

For now though, you’re better off indoors with your director’s chair and your Cheerios.



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