Parental Review: Stranger Things 2 (Netflix Original Series- 2nd Season)

I must declare that the 2nd season of Netflix’s Stranger Things is even better than the first! But that’s not what you’re here for. Instead, you want to know if Stranger Things 2 is appropriate for your child.

To help you out, I’ve divided the potentially offensive content in to categories for your convenience:


Like with the first season, there are no major curse words, like “g—d—“ or “f—“. However, every episode contains multiple uses of “sh—“ and many of the episodes contain the phrase “son of a b—-“ and/or “d-ck”. And most of the the profanity is said by the 13 year-old children.


Most episodes are free of sensuality, but there is mid-season episode in which it is undeniably implied that 2 teenagers (who are protagonists) engage in sexual activity, behind closed doors.


There is heavy violence throughout the series, including many onscreen deaths. Additionally, there are many uses of guns and weapons.


There is regular use of cigarettes and beer by teens, as well as adult characters.

Dark Themes:

The overall theme of Stranger Things 2 is definitely darker (and better) than the first season.

It is by no means a family friendly show, yet it is definitely fascinating, intriguing, and addicting.

As for a child watching Stranger Things 2, I say the best comparison for inappropriate content for children would be the movie, X-Men: Apocolypse; regarding profanity, sex, violence, drugs/alcohol, and dark themes.

However, it’s up to the individual parent to decide at what age.

At worst, treat it as a PG-13 rated movie that you watch with your child, until the moment you feel uncomfortable with the show.

Though Stranger Things 2 is not a show for kids, it’s a show that some kids will definitely want to watch; leading us back to that paradox of how violent PG-13 rated superhero movies appeal to kids.

I hope this helps.

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