How to Take Your DNA for MyHeritage Ethnicity Test without a Blood Sample (Unboxing and Demonstration Videos Included)

In case you’re considering purchasing a DNA kit from MyHeritage and you’re curious to know what happens once the box shows up on your front door, then I’m your guy.

It’s true that one of the things that kept me from taking a DNA test up until now, is that I assumed it would require taking a blood sample. I actually thought there was a chance I would either have to draw my own blood, or go to some kind of medical center and have them do it.

Nope. Not at all.

There is absolutely no blood sample required. I think this is a popular assumed belief among people who have never taken one of these tests. It’s crazy to say it out loud, and sounds ridiculous when you start thinking about a company like MyHeritage requiring customers to be responsible for providing their own blood samples. What a liability!


But I do believe it’s a popular enough assumption among not-yet-consumers of the product, and therefore, “no blood samples required” should be more prominent in their advertisements. There’s a good chance I would have purchased my DNA test much sooner had someone spelled that out for me:

“No blood. Just spit.”

Oh, what if I just created a new marketing catch phrase for MyHeritage?

The MyHeritage DNA kit mainly consists of a 2 swabs and 2 containers. That’s pretty much all that’s needed.


You swab the inside of each cheek for about a minute each, then put each swab in its own container by pressing part of the swab itself. Next, find a stamp or two to place on the front of the envelope and place it in the mailbox. After waiting 4 to 6 weeks, the results will arrive. Currently, I’m on Week 2.

Check out the two videos I made; one is an unboxing video and the other is a demonstration of how to take the test. Neither of them were rehearsed, so you will see me somewhat awkwardly figuring out what to do.

Thanks for visiting Family Friendly Daddy Blog today!

And if you’re interested in taking a DNA test like I did, here’s the link to MyHeritage.

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