This is 36: My Wife and I are Rarely Seen Together in Public, Despite Being Happily Married

Saturday afternoon was a peculiar occurrence: Had you been invited to Zeke’s birthday party in Spring Hill, Tennessee, then you would have seen both me and my wife there together, at the same time. That doesn’t happen often!

This is the part of the blog post where you either A) instantly identify with this concept, or B) are very confused right now as to why seeing a happily married couple together in public is an odd phenomenon.

In case you fall into the 2nd category, which I doubt you do if you are reading this, here’s how it works:

My wife and I both work full-time jobs in which we both have to commute about 2 hours round trip. Not to mention, we both are responsible for housework. While my wife definitely carries the heavier part of that burden, I also work two side jobs for supplemental income: this blog and my YouTube channel.

When the weekend finally comes, it typically consists of me staying home with the kids while my wife goes out and buys the groceries and runs other necessary errands. By the time the afternoon rolls around, she’s usually ready to stay home with the baby and I’m eager to get out with our son.

Therefore I take him out to whatever birthday party he’s been invited to, or to new Marvel movie that is out… or we just go hiking alongside a creek.

And during the week, I’m dropping off the kids at school and my wife is picking them up. So their teachers have basically never see the two of us together.

But this past Saturday, our whole family woke up early because Great Clips was having their phantom $6.99 haircut sale, so my son and I were there when the doors opened at 8:00 AM. That sped up all the other events of the morning.

Therefore, my wife felt like going to Zeke’s birthday party and taking the baby. And alas, we showed up together.

Granted, our son has been invited to another birthday party this coming Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I seriously doubt my wife will be there.

It’s just a rare thing to see me and my wife together in public.

This is 36.

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