Parental Guide Summary of Suicide Squad (Rated PG-13)

No, I didn’t take my 5 year-old son to see this one…

Parental Guide Summary of Suicide Squad (Rated PG-13)

But I was indeed one of the first people to have seen Suicide Squad, because for some reason here in Tennessee, it opened at 9:00 PM the night before the movie was supposed to premiere.

What’s funny is that throughout the entire movie, I thought the movie was rated R. I thought that’s what I saw on the movie poster.

So when I got home, I told my wife, “That was the tamest R-rated movie I’ve seen. There was hardly any profanity, no sex or nudity, no blood or graphic violence… just a lot of guns!”

And really, that should serve as my parental guide summary of this PG-13 rated movie, for any parents out there of teens, who are trying to figure out if this movie is too much for their kid to see.

Well, I can’t answer that for you. But what I can do is briefly break down this movie into segments and let you decide. So here it goes…


I heard one use of the word g** d*** and 2 non-sexual uses of p*ssy, but no f-words. Other than that, I’m sure they were some uses of more minor words. But I was really surprised at how little curse words there were for such a dark-themed movie.


All that comes to mind is how a couple of the female characters are provocatively dressed, as his common in super hero movies, like Wonder Woman in Batman V. Superman. There were no implied sex scenes or nudity in Suicide Squad.


There are so many guns in this movie you might think it was sponsored by the NRA. With that being said, there is virtually no blood or gore in this movie… just a whole lot of shooting guns!


The members have the Suicide Squad (as well as the “good guys”) are shown drinking alcohol throughout the movie, but never is drunkenness implied. I recall no use of drugs.

Dark Themes:

While obviously this cast of felons have violent backgrounds including murder, the darkest theme in Suicide Squad is the plot device of demon possession. It sort of reminded me of the original 1984 Ghostbusters in that regard.

Parental Guide Summary of Suicide Squad (Rated PG-13)

So there are the bullet points. I feel this movie is on the same level as Batman V. Superman, in regards to “family friendliness”.

Over all, despite the dark theme, there is little profanity, no sex or outright nudity, and no graphic violence. But you have a problem with guns, then I think this might be the most offensive thing about Suicide Squad, for you.

Thanks for reading my review!

And here’s my video version below:






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