How I Cured My Eczema, Dyshidrosis, Acne, Pet Allergies, Indigestion, & Sinus Issues/5 Steps to Becoming a Vegan (& Still Being Cool!)

How I Cured Eczema, Dyshidrosis, Acne, Pet Allergies, Indigestion, & Sinus Issues/5 Steps to Becoming a Vegan (& Still Being Cool!)

As of today, I’ve officially been a vegan for 3 years. (And a vegetarian nearly 4 and a half years- and kosher for over 7 years.)

Boy, that title is a loaded cannon, isn’t it? I offer so much hope for other people who suffer from those same “incurable” medical issues as I did for all those years, but then I pull up a wild card no one is interested in seeing.

So for the past couple of years now, I’ve been getting new emails on a weekly basis from people telling me they are desperate and will do anything to cure their eczema and/or dyshidrosis.

I always assure them immediately that I indeed was healed of this disease and have remained free of my condition (along with being cured of sinus and allergies issues, and acne, and headaches), and they can be too.

Then I offer to teach them to become a vegan like I am, to cure their condition the same way I did. Most people never reply back after that.

My motivation in publishing this post today is this: I will simply be emailing those people a link to this from now on when they reach out to me.

I am convinced that most people who suffer from eczema (dyshidrosis), sinus issues, pet allergies, acne, and headaches will be quick to talk about how desperate they are for a cure, but then they aren’t willing to do the one thing that would cure it: Rid themselves of all consumption of animal products; plus artificial ingredients and preservatives.

So for those few people out there who truly are desperate to do anything to be cured, I invite you to watch this video I made. It breaks down the 5 major steps necessary to becoming a successful vegan.

I am happy to answer any questions for anyone who is curious or considering becoming a vegan; after you’ve watched my video, of course.

It was April 2012, which was 3 years ago, that I become a vegan. Since then, I have learned most people are skeptical of my lifestyle.

That’s okay. Because here’s what I know:

A)    My doctor confirmed I am healthier than most people who sees who are my age; and that, yes- I am getting the proper nutrition (including protein) that I need. Not to mention, I am on no medications at all.

B)    I no longer have eczema (dyshidrosis), sinus issues, pet allergies, acne, and headaches like I did for all those years. In other words, it is not a coincidence that happened only right after I became a vegan.

C)    After years of consuming no meat, eggs, dairy, artificial dyes, chemicals, or preservatives, I’ve never felt better or been healthier.

I serve as living proof to the skeptics. Feel free to comment or ask questions, but only after you watch my video.


4 thoughts on “How I Cured My Eczema, Dyshidrosis, Acne, Pet Allergies, Indigestion, & Sinus Issues/5 Steps to Becoming a Vegan (& Still Being Cool!)

  1. hi there 🙂

    i’m mildred from philippines. just wanna share my experience. mmmm.. it happened last october 2016, we’re on vacation with my friends. it’s around 7-9 in the morning and i felt something on my legs near my ankle, its painfull but not too much. we explore the place where we are taking our vacation and at night we ate seafoods, chicken and also vegetable then the day after that, the pain near my ankle is gone but i got rashes on my right leg. where i felt the pain. (the pain is like a small bump, but there’s no bump). 😟 its very itchy. im scratching it using my fingers but not with my nails. when we got home, i didn’t see any doctors to check up on my rashes and weeks passed by, it gotten worse. (i thought i’ll just have to leave it.) i decided to see a doctor, its a skin clinic. but the doctor has nothing to say but he gave me medicine and soap. i took it for 1 week. there is no good result. 😢 second doctor (dermatologist) i went to, her diagnosis is, it was Impetigo. there is a good improvement after she gave me meds, but it leave me scars 😭 after a week taking medicines (3-4 med intake+lotion+soap). it came back. again, medicines,gone,back again, medicines. it took 3-5 mos. i guessed. i’m tired taking those pills. because it keeps on coming back, and those rashes are spreading anywhere in my body. i changed my doctor she’s also a dermatologist. she said that i have Folliculitis, which is infection on the pores. and again she gave meds. and finally, its gone 😌. BUT the scars is freakin me out. and still coming back but unlike before, its now sporadic. what i am concern now is, i didn’t notice or i mean i i didn’t know that i have eczema, i just told her last week, and she says that its eczema. i don’t remember the first word that she said, i just heard eczema. because everytime my rashes is coming back, my hands have rashes too. its like tapioca and its so itchy. i’ve search in the internet, rashes on hands and soles, my god it looks similar to what i have. its dyshidrotic eczema, but im not really sure if its what i have. (it looks very similar) its on the edge of my index finger and thumb. it said that there is no cure. (i’m now broken) i kept on searching how to cure this thing. and you’ve catch my attention, i watched your video. 😊 you told the viewers that there is HOPE to cure this. its now 7mos. i am desperate to cure this 😭. i am really down having this skin problem.

    do i really have to be a vegan?
    for how many days or weeks or years to see the improvement on my skin/ health?

    thank you for your answer sir.


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