Dear Jack: Webisode 11 of Jack-Man, “Panic at the Playground!”

4 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack: Webisode 11 of Jack-Man,

Dear Jack,

Last week’s shooting of “Webisode 11: Panic at the Playground!” couldn’t have gone any better. You had so much fun seeing your friends Sophie and Madison again. They made such perfect superheroes. We spent all Saturday morning there at Pinkerton Park in the hot Tennessee sun.

I love the way the 3 of you interacted with me as I played the Playground Ninja, who was sent by the Green Meanie after Jack-Man refused to buy a boat or use a credit hard; instead, he plans to pay off his house early.

You all have some serious talent!

The number of views of Webisode 11 so far are showing that it is by default the best one yet: In just 4 days, it has received nearly 100 views; whereas it took a whole month for the 1st webisode to get that many views.

Based on the success of this one, I’ve decided I need to replicate that same formula as much as possible; which includes involving guest stars whenever possible, and always including an original song of mine to play during an action sequence.

That means I’ll typically be writing and recording at least one or two new songs each week, but that’s okay… I love doing it! I’m even trying to get Mommy to start singing with me on some upcoming songs…

This weekend we are scheduled to shoot at your school for some special episodes while it rains. I also am planning on having my friend Ben Wilder as a guest star villain.

Our family was very excited to learn this week that for an upcoming road trip, we’ll be able to review a Chevy Colorado truck! That is super cool!

By the way, you are now closer to age 5 than you are to 4. This week you turned 4 years, 7 months old.





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