Dear Jack: Webisodes 9 & 10 of Jack-Man

4 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack: Episodes 9 & 10 of Jack-Man

Dear Jack,

Last weekend you and I left the house at 9:00 AM and didn’t return until nearly 3:00 PM. During those 6 hours, you and I made Webisodes 9 and 10 of Jack-Man; plus we got to hang out at Whole Foods for lunch and you bought Fuzzy (your new rabbit) at TJ Maxx for 3 bucks.

We filmed Webisode 9 in our neighborhood, finding the perfect “haunted house” for Jack-Man to encounter. My twist on the story is that the ghost could only exist if Jack-Man believed in him.

In Webisode 10, I got to try out not some newly learned editing tricks to speed up the action sequences. I also wrote a brand-new song exclusively for this episode, “I’m Coming For You.” I plan to do more of these original songs for Jack-Man.

I’m really excited about Webisode 11, which we are planning on filming this weekend while your friend Sophie will be in town, along with Madison as well. That will be a really fun reunion!

Something that I hope is becoming evident for Jack-Man fans is that these storylines contain social commentary and/or a deeper message than is on the surface.

For example, in Webisode 9, the ghost that only exists if you believe in him represents the psychological limits we place on ourselves that only bother us, but not other people.

EP10 Title Card Actual

And in Webisode 10… well, I feel it’s pretty obvious what Chill Pills represent, as they are easily prescribed to combat “the signs of hyperactivity.”

Jack-Man is a web series that is obviously geared towards children yet contains concepts geared towards adults.

Like in Webisode 11 this weekend, the Green Meanie will be attempting to get Jack-Man to spend the money he got from finding the treasure chest in Webisode 10, instead of investing it.

I can’t wait to record it!




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