Review Of Sesame Street: The Best Of Elmo 3 DVD

Review Of Sesame Street: The Best Of Elmo 3 DVD

On March 3rd, the newest “best of” Elmo collection hits the streets. Of course, one of the benefits of being a successful blogger is that I am able to get my big hands on certain merchandise ahead of time; in order to share with my readers what the new product is all about.

Last night I sat down with my 4 year-old son Jack to indulge in the Sesame Street: The Best Of Elmo 3 DVD. As you can see in the pictures below, we had a lot of fun!

What caught me by surprise was how hilarious it was; not just for my son, but equally for me as well.

My son’s favorite part was watching Elmo drive in a car with Taye Diggs, as they zoomed past dancing cows who proudly displayed their udders. Jack couldn’t stop laughing.

For me, my favorite was the musical collaboration that Elmo did with Justin Bieber. Seriously, how could anyone not enjoy this?

Part of the charm of Elmo is his ability to remain fun and loveable, despite his long term, world-wide, celebrity pop culture status.

Granted, this DVD is full of educational lessons, as you would expect from Sesame Street.

If I could only describe Sesame Street: The Best Of Elmo 3 in 3 words, based on my son and I watching it last night, here’s what I’d say:

Fun, hilarious, educational.

Review Of Sesame Street: The Best Of Elmo 3 DVD

So by default, it’s also obviously captivating and entertaining.

The Sesame Street: The Best Of Elmo 3 DVD (and digital), from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Sesame Workshop (the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street) will be released officially on March 3, 2015 for $14.98 SRP. It also includes the full-length feature, “Elmo and Abby’s Birthday Fun”.

It’s over 2 hours of fun, featuring Elmo the whole time! Now, I’m ready to watch Elmo and Justin Bieber again…


2 thoughts on “Review Of Sesame Street: The Best Of Elmo 3 DVD

  1. I have recently purchased the dvd for my daughter. I had high hopes for it because we had been watching best of elmo 2 and me and my daughter love it. She is one and a half. She can’t even speak yet but she would sing along with the songs in best of elmo 2. Also I loved how 2 had a storyline. Unfortunately that is not true for best of elmo 3. It lacks any kind of story or continuity and I found the songs are too fast paced. My daughter still enjoys but it looks overwhelming and she can’t sing along.

    The show is entertaining but lost educational value.


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