Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

I’ll go ahead and point out that it might seem a tad bit ironic that I would do a “family friendly review” on a winery.

But as you hopefully will discover, this particular winery is different.

Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

The way I see it, Arrington Vineyards makes for a perfect hang-out spot for both parents and children.

It is located about 30 minutes south of Nashville, on a giant hill. The view is beautiful, the atmosphere is classy, and that enormous (and extremely steep) hill provides the ideal playground for kids.

Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

When my sister and I were kids back in the 80s, we were always excited to play on the hill in our Italian grandfather’s yard. In more recent years, we realized that “hill” was only about 3 feet high.

However, the hill at Arrington Vineyards is the largest and widest I have ever seen for what could constitute for an unofficial play area.

Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

Parking is free- and a plethora of picnic tables are provided as well. Therefore, Arrington Vineyards is naturally a wonderful location to host a picnic.

The only cost would be if you choose to try or buy wine. There is no fee for just “hanging out.”

Obviously though, I’ve noticed most people who go to Arrington Vineyards end up buying a bottle of wine, which explains why the vineyard can afford to keep from charging any kind of entrance free or table fee.

Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

So, let’s talk more about that monstrous hill: Kids love it!

I had my son Jack pack up a book bag full of balls before we left the house; as well as monster trucks. (It helped serve as a lesson in sharing since we met his friend Jake’s family there.)

He and I had a blast playing a game we made up where he kicked the soccer ball down the hill to me and I kicked it back up to him.

His goal was to get the ball all the way down to the bottom of the hill; my goal was to get it to the top.

Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

Arrington Vineyards is also naturally a good place to take pictures. I’ve noticed that the abnormal horizon line (because of the hill) and the easy expose to sunlight make for good photography.

Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

So there you have it. I say this is a great place to take your family to hang-out. And if you, the parent, appreciate good wine, it’s all that much more of a reason to go.

Arrington Vineyards: Family Friendly Review

FYI: Arrington Vineyards was unaware I was writing a “family friendly review” on them. I was simply a paying customer who happened to be taking a lot of pictures of my son. In other words, I did not “work for free wine.” I simply have always enjoyed going to Arrington Vineyards and thought they deserve a shout-out.


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