Thanks And Goodbye From The Dadabase: The Series Finale

June 27, 2014 at 12:06 am , by


3 years, 7 months.

Dear Jack,

There is something I have never explained to you this whole time. But today, I officially “break the 4th wall”…

Part of this will be a surprise to you and part of it will be a surprise to the audience.

I’ll start with the part that is a surprise to you: There is an audience.

In fact, just a few hours before publishing this post, I posted this picture telling them about this final letter to you.

Here are some of their responses:

Jack, for the past three years, since May 2011, I have been an independently contracted writer for the website for Parents magazine.

The Dadabase has served as the official “daddy blog” for this whole time. In other words, your life (and mine) up to this point has been in front of a “live audience”.

And now, the surprise for the audience reading this final Dadabase letter today…

This is the last Dadabase post there will ever be.

I am going back to my original website which I have operated since 2009, now rebooted as “Family Friendly Daddy Blog.” All month, I have been transitioning in preparation for the switch.

While I still will be writing weekly letters to you, there will also be a much stronger emphasis on reviewing things from a “family friendly” perspective.

The direction of The Dadabase has, by default, been heading in that direction for a while now.

I’ve now lost count of how many vehicles I have reviewed now, from a “family friendly” perpsective.

And there’s no denying that our plant-based lifestyle is something I enjoy sharing with people. So I will bereviewing vegan friendly food products and recipes as well.

But it’s not just about cars and food.

I also will be reviewing movies and toys and even travel destinations, all from… you guessed it… a “family friendly” perspective.

As a way to celebrate this past 3 years, I have collected these videos of you, which I think do a good job of showing your life, as documented, here on The Dadabase.

I am so grateful and thankful for the staff of choosing me to begin with to be their official daddy blogger; not to mention, for keeping me around through all the learning curves I’ve been taught by immersion.

Now with 1,018 posts published since 2011 on their site, the folks at have given me major credibility to my “aspirations to be a writer” from when I started regularly blogging back in 2005.

While today definitely serves as an ending, the series finale, it also serves as the doorway to where our family goes from here.

This is simply the last Dadabase post, not the last post from Nick Shell to his son. I’ve got plenty more to say as a writer and as a parent!

Our family will continue living our lives, documented in blog form as I’ve been doing since the day Mommy and I went public with her being pregnant with you: at Family Friendly Daddy Blog.

For those following me on The Dadabase’s Facebook page, I plan to transition the name over within the next couple of weeks once readers are used to the name change.

So now that we’ve had a chance to look back and celebrate how far we’ve come in these past three years since May 2011, let’s look to where we are going at this point…

Which again, in case you missed it, our family’s story continues at Family Friendly Daddy BlogStarting…right now!





P.S. Thanks for reading! Our story is far from over…


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