The Conquest Of A Big Boy Bed, At 3 Years Old

December 28, 2013 at 8:06 pm , by 

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

As part of your Christmas gift from Nonna and Papa (my parents), you received a cash envelope to help with the conquest of getting your “big boy bed.”

So I did my research at Mattress Firm during my lunch break and came to the conclusion we’d get the best quality for our money there.

After all, a new bed is an investment for years to come. We wanted to make sure we did this thing right.

While I admit it was a bit trying on Mommy and Daddy’s sanity to have you exploring the store while we made such a huge decision, you sure had fun checking everything out, trying out the mattresses and contraptions you discovered.

Ultimately, it made the best sense for us to also buy a new bed for ourselves, in addition to yours. They cut us a special deal since we bought two beds, so I was happy to save money!

Since going debt-free back in July (eternal “thank you” goes to Dave Ramsey), we’ve been saving up the income we were using to pay off debt each month, so we could afford new beds without using credit or worrying about clearing out our bank account.

Mommy and Daddy’s old bed had ultimately become a giant, spongy taco after over half a decade.

It was pretty sad, actually.

You helped pay with one of my old sub sandwich cards.

Not to mention, you’ll notice a picture of the men’s restroom sign here in this collage, which signifies you went potty there.

Speaking of trying Mommy and Daddy’s sanity, I will admit that tearing down your old bed and setting up your new one with you in the room with us wasn’t a cake walk either.

Mommy found ways to help you entertain yourself by getting you to read us books and to pretend the rockasan chair was a pirate ship.

Something funny that happened while I was tearing your toddler bed down was when I grabbed the wrench from my tool box.

It was the one I used 2 and a half years ago when I designed the logo for The Dadabase! I never removed the masking tape after all this time. And I still didn’t this week after realizing it!

Well, it was definitely a conquest and a chore, but you, as well as Mommy and me, have new beds, at last.

For you, it’s one step further in becoming a big boy. As for your parents, it means we’re no longer sleeping in a giant taco.




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