My Son Talks To Strangers, Part 1: The Dishwasher Man

March 24, 2014 at 7:43 pm , by 

3 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

I never in my life thought I’d be so happy about getting a new dishwasher.

One of the assumed roles as the modern dad and father, I have found, is that he takes care of cleaning up all the dishes.

Actually, it would be a foreign concept for me to think that I, as a modern-day American dad, could still be considered a “good husband and father” if I didn’t take care of the dishes everyday he’s…

Or at least some similiar equivalent time-consuming household chore, like laundry or cooking.

At least, that’s my version of reality. I’ve yet to speak to, or even hear of, or watch a stand-up comedian on Netflix (like Tom Papa or Don Friesen), who is a husband and father who is in a “happy household” who doesn’t do the dishes (or an equivalent chore) pretty much on a daily basis.

In all the confusion these days of what roles a modern dad is supposed to assume, “dish duty” is a given for me personally. It’s a way I know I can easily help out our family.

With that being said, our dishwasher has been broken since September.

That means for over 5 months now, I have been washing, and drying, all of our dishes by hand.

And we use a lot of dishes at our house.

Because we have a plant-based diet, Mommy uses the food processor and I often use the juicer, on top of all our normal dishes and utensils.

This is the first time since September that I will have at least 30 more minutes more of “free time” each night that I will be able to use to get more work done… because, we bought a new dishwasher! (During the cheap time of the month, of course.)

My experience as a parent equates free time with work… from other household chores to career enchancing opportunities; but if I’m lucky, catching up with friends.

So yeah, this is a big deal! We now have a working dishwasher!

This is like Christmas.

Saturday when the delivery man came to our house in his big white truck, you were eager to talk to him. Actually, you started with a song:

“I said a hip hop… and you don’t stop.”

This is because Mommy and I finally saw the hilarious Brian Williams/Lester Holt version of Rapper’s Delight:

So you were eager to teach the dishwasher installer guy your new song that you’ve been hearing your parents do all week long.

He was impressed.

You went on to tell him about, and show him, your new 1972 Rachero lowrider Hot Wheel car from Kroger. And as you can see from these pictures, you also had some questions for him as you observed from just a few feet away:

“What’s under there?”

And… “Where are you taking our old dishwasher?”

Talking to strangers isn’t always a bad thing. If I’m there with you, it’s okay.

The thing is, I’m pretty big on talking to strangers, so I’m sure you’re picking up that habit from me.



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