My Kid Won’t Walk In Public, But He Sure Will Run!

March 15, 2014 at 10:18 pm , by 

3 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

This morning our family got to go to a Monster Jam truck show, and to my surprise, we actually arrived thereearly.

That… never happens.

Fortunately, it was a fairly sunny (and non-rainy) day to enjoy some fresh air around the nearby park. So we did.

It was today that I officially realized something:

You refuse to walk when Mommy and I take you out in public; in large, open-ended spaces.

However, you have no reservations whatsover about running continuously like Pac-Man trying to eating as many of those white dots as he can before he has to avoid a ghost.

And with all that running around, you mysteriously don’t find yourself short on energy. In fact, today, I served as your pace car; making sure you didn’t run too far ahead of me into the street or the pond with all the ducks and giant goldfish.

The entire time, you had a toy Monster Jam truck in each hand… and you never stumbled or fell.

Granted, the moment that Mommy and I told you it was time for us to make our way into the building, as the show would soon be beginning, you instantly changed your tune:

“Daddy, hold me…. Mommy, hold me.”

Your feet didn’t hit the floor again until we got home, because you were carried around the rest of the day.

I get it. You’re not lazy. You actually love getting out and burning off energy, obviously.

What you want from Mommy and me is physical affection in the form of an embrace. I suppose it won’t be until later on that you began to understand the concept of what hugs are really for… or being cuddly on a more regular basis.

Right now, you’re more about being held and/or being tickled, when it comes to physical affection.

So you won’t walk in public, but you sure will run. Classic.





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