Mommy, Is “Tight Schedule” A Nice Word?

January 14, 2014 at 9:47 pm , by 

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

You are in a stage right now where you’re having a lot of fun learning which words are “nice words” to use.

“Is ‘tight schedule’ a nice word, Mommy?” you sincerely asked her this weekend.

Shortly afterwards, you asked me if “keyboard” is a nice word.

I taught you that “eyeball” is not a nice word in some cases; such as calling your friend Madison one at school.

After watching The Little Engine That Could, on Netflix, you picked up the phrase, “What the heck?”

It seems like such an innocent phrase until you hear a 3 year-old say it.

So Mommy and I have taught you to replace “heck” with “world.”

Right now it’s all about teaching you which words are “nice words.” The funniest thing, is that in the process, you’re asking Mommy and me about neutral words.

Similarly, you try to use this same concept on me.

For example, I could ask Mommy if there is any French toast left from Sunday.

You would warn me:

“Daddy, “French toast” is not a nice word! We don’t say that word.”

I see how for you right now, you honestly don’t know which words you’re allowed not to say yet; until after you’ve said them. Therefore, I guess you assume that I also use words in front of you that I shouldn’t.

I do, it’s just that I mumble them in a way that only Mommy can understand them.

Like the word “gun.” Or “dead.” To me, those are words that I purposely try to shield you from- for the time being.

In my opinion, you’re not ready to learn about guns or death. Or Guns N Roses.

So for now, I will mumble what I don’t want you to hear. Meanwhile, you will continue asking me if nearly every random noun is a nice word or not.





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