It’s Easier To Fall Asleep When Mommy Drives Away

December 22, 2013 at 10:25 pm , by 

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

Here’s the dilemma:

I’m quicker and more efficient at getting you to bed for both naps and bedtime.

Mommy is quicker and more efficient at doing the dishes after meals.

However, Mommy depends on that quality time with you of putting you to bed… so I do the dishes while she puts you to bed.

And that’s no problem. I’m cool with whatever, asking myself the question, “What would Jack Jackson do?

He would do the dishes. So I do, too.

But here lately, you have really… what’s another way of saying “taken advantage of the situation”?

You’ve really capitalized on the fact that you know Mommy will come back to comfort you if you call her after she leaves your bedroom.

Of course, you don’t do that with me if I happen to be putting you to bed. You just go to sleep because I make things less interesting, and comforting, I suppose.

So this weekend, Mommy and I tried an experiment.

For your noontime naps, Mommy went through the typical routine for bedtime for you, while I did the dishes from the recent meal, but then she called me upstairs right as it was time for her to leave the room and for you to start falling asleep.

Then, Mommy had to go to get gas for her car. (Or drive to the next neighborhood while I closed the deal with you.)

The most important part of this plan working was that you actually saw Mommy literally drive away. All I did after that was sing you a quick version of the theme song from The Lorax, and you were in Dreamland by the time I could walk downstairs.

With there being no hope of her coming back to your room to comfort you anytime soon, you gave up trying to delay falling asleep.

That’s when I texted Mommy to come back, just a few minutes after she drove away; that the coast was clear.

Hey man… it works





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