Glad To Have You Back, Kid

February 18, 2014 at 8:37 pm , by 

3 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

You and I are recovering from a little bit of culture shock right now.

Until this morning, the last time I really got to hang out with you was Friday morning, when I stayed home with you because you were sick.

And obviously, when you’re sick, you’re not yourself anyway… to put it lightly.

It was only today that you were well enough to be back at school; not to mention school was closed yesterday for Presidents’ Day.

But this morning was the first time just you and I have been in the car together, just us, since last Wednesday, because Mommy picked you up last Thursday.

After analyzing all that info, it helps me understand all the reasons you and I have been out of sync.

Our car rides together are a big part of our relationship. I realize that now.

Until this morning in the car, as we saw two hot air balloons in the distance, we had not really had a conversation since the middle of last week.

I’m glad to have you back. I missed you. You’re like a different boy when you’re sick, like I said.

Now we can bond again over manly conversations about Corvettes and donkeys.

It really puts things into perspective when I consider that my “guy time” with you is something I’ve grown accustomed to by now. I know it’s weird to think about your daddy having social needs too, but I do.

Feeling connected to you helps me feel alive. When I don’t feel connected to you, it sort unplugs me from reality a little bit… I think.

I get it that there’s a 29 and a half year difference between us, but even when we’re just chilling on the drive to school, we’re still having some quality time together.

After several days without our guy time, I have learned how much we depend on it.






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