LOST Recap: Season 6- The Kwon Kid

No, you didn’t miss a new episode of LOST last night.  But at 3:10 AM, I woke up with a minor revelation.

A lady who is interested in buying our house is coming over tonight.  Based on her name Jenny Sun (sounds a lot like Jin and Sun from LOST), I would say she’s Korean.  I also went to bed thinking about how bummed I was that it was a LOST rerun last night.

Sometimes in the moment right before I wake up, I have an interesting thought.  Last night was one of them.  I was thinking how I know I’m going to be frustrated when LOST ends because there will be questions never answered, especially from the first couple of seasons.

Like why did all the pregnant women on the island have miscarriages?

At this point, it’s safe to assume because of the strong magnetic force the island has.  It’s safe to assume that the Kwan Kid would not have survived until pregnancy, but in an act of fate, Sun escaped the island and her baby was born in Korea, safely.

However, Jin and Sun were definitely having marital problems during the months right before they crashed on the island.  But in addition to all the island’s many miraculous traits, the island is also an aphrodisiac.  Because ultimately, Jin and Sun got busy in their tent.

And don’t forget that Jin is sterile except for when he is on the island…

So in a way, Jin and Sun were chosen to come to the island.  If nothing else, simply to procreate, yielding the chosen Kwan. 

This kid is special.  Chosen.  Chosen by the island for a greater purpose. 

It took a lot to get her parents there so that she could be conceived.  It took even more for her actually to be born.

What I can’t predict is whether or not Jin and Sun will die once the Kwon Kid makes it to the island.  Will the island be finished with Jin and Sun then?  Hopefully not.

Now, let’s find out in next week’s episode my predictions are true.

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