Dear Holly: Since You Didn’t Get to Have Your Double Birthday Party with Isabella…

4 years old.

Dear Holly,

We had much bigger plans for your recent 4th birthday. But like many things this year due to COVID-19, as it is for everyone else, we had to majorly alter what we originally had in mind.

The original plan was to have a double birthday party with your friend Isabella from your class at school, since the two of you were born just 6 days apart.

We bought you matching unicorn dresses and even had a pony ride lined up.

But instead, you got to spend some time with Isabella long enough for the two of you to play together in your dresses- and to exchange gifts.

You are so happy about the bath time Barbie she got you. Not only do you bath with it, but you also sleep with it.

Technically, this is your first Barbie doll, at age 4, since you don’t perceive your Elsa or Anna dolls as Barbies; even though they are.

Here’s to hoping that next year for your 5th birthday, we can have the kind of birthday party we had planned for you this year!




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