The Right of the Family: Divorced, Succession, Domestic Violence, Grandparents’ Rights

The right of the family: to know everything 

  • Divorced 
  • Succession 
  • Domestic violence 
  • The right of grandparents 

Family law is a branch of civil law that governs and organizes the legal relations between different members of the same family. Family law essentially defines two types of family ties: alliance ties (couples) and kinship ties (ascendants and descendants). 

Regarding the alliance, family law sets the rules for marriage, PACS, concubinage, and divorce. For example, it groups together the laws and regulations that govern the conditions and effects of marriage. 

Regarding kinship, family law defines, among other things, all existing legal relationships between parents and their children. It sets the rules of affiliation, adoption, lists the s consequences of the parental authority, defines the right of grandparents, etc. 

The judge in charge of enforcing family law is the family court judge. The JAF sit in the courts of the first instance. The rules of family law are contained in the Civil Code. For further assistance or any kind of clarification reach out to family lawyer Toronto. 


Each year, about 60,000 couples divorce in France. The 2005 divorce reform has made divorce procedures much simpler, but divorce is still a difficult part of life for those involved. 

The cost of divorce and the stages of divorce (convention, conciliation, assignment) vary according to the type of divorce chosen: divorce for fault, divorce by mutual consent, etc. The effects of divorce (alimony, parental authority, custody of children …) concentrate the bulk of the conflicts. 


The estate is an important step, even if the talk is not always easy. There are several ways to ensure the transmission of one’s inheritance: will, bequest, gift, life insurance, etc. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The inheritance tax is not the same depending on the solutions chosen. 

Succession gives rise most of the time to a situation of temporary indivision. The division of property and the settlement of indivision may give rise to disputes between heirs. Hence the importance of predicting his success during his lifetime. 

Domestic violence 

No one is safe from domestic violence, especially when you are a woman. Women are the first victims of domestic abuse. Domestic violence can take different forms: sexual, physical, moral, psychological or even economic violence. The children are not spared by domestic violence. Every year, children die as a result of domestic violence. 

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you must act. There are several possible actions to put an end to the violence you suffer. There are emergency phone numbers for victims of violence within couples were established by associations or public authorities.. 

The right of grandparents 

We sometimes forget that grandparents have rights to their grandchildren, as adults. Often unrecognized, these rights do indeed exist and are included in the Civil Code. 

For example, grandparents have the right to maintain relations with their grandchildren even against the parents’ wishes: this is the right of access and accommodation. They can also intervene if their minor child is in danger. 

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