The Diabetes Council is Now Endorsing a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet as an Option to Manage Diabetes

For those of us who have watched What the Health on Netflix, we are well aware of the connection between onset Diabetes and the consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy. As for those of us who have personally overcame health issues by permanently switching to a plant-based diet, we also know the results are real; even if they are not acknowledged or recognized as legitimate by the medical community.

For me, it was dyshidrosis eczema, constant sinusitis, and pet allergies that all went away just days after switching to a vegan diet. And that was 4 years ago.

It can be frustrating for those of us who know that switching to a plant-based diet is a legitimate option to manage health issues, yet as seen in What the Health, medical experts often seem to scoff at the idea that cutting out animal products from one’s diet can actually be healing. Instead, it feels like they are often more concerned in only curing people with prescription drugs; not endorsing a radical lifestyle change.

So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I learned that The Diabetes Council is currently promoting the benefits of a vegetarian diet for anyone trying to manage their Diabetes:

How To Manage Your Diabetes as a Vegetarian, by Elisabeth Almekinder RN, BA, CDE

Seriously, this is huge! This is a big deal.

It is finally becoming well-known that meat consumption causes Diabetes; as I’ve been proclaiming for years now. So obviously, by removing meat from one’s diet, it only makes sense that it would help a person manage their Diabetes better.

I feel that America has become conditioned to believe that taking medications is just a part of life and that certain diseases are just hereditary and therefore unpreventable.

The fact that The Diabetes Council is taking a step away from this normalcy bias, and instead, making an effort to actually help people independently help themselves by adopting a plant-based diet, this is groundbreaking.

I praise The Diabetes Council for this decision!

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