Dear Jack: You Graduated Pre-K!

5 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack: You Graduated Pre-K!

Dear Jack,

This past week, our family came to Rainbow Child Care Center to see you graduate Pre-K. It was a proud day for Mommy and me. I caught her holding back the tears as your name was called.

Ms. Destiny told a little bit about each Pre-K graduate. She announced to everyone that you want to become a paleontologist when you grow up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. You love dinosaurs! We’ve now watched both Jurassic World and Jurassic Park together. I had wondered if certain parts of those movies would scare you.

Dear Jack: You Graduated Pre-K!

Instead, you joyfully blurted out the correct name of every dinosaur that popped up on the screen, even if you could barely see one in a shadowy corner. You were naming dinosaurs I didn’t even know existed!

You definitely weren’t scared. Instead, you were fascinated by what you saw in the movie.

In a perfect world, Mommy and I wouldn’t both have to work full time. However, one of the benefits of you sort of “growing up” in preschool is that you are now more psychologically, socially, and intellectually developed than I was by age 5 and a half.

Dear Jack: You Graduated Pre-K!

You probably know more than now than I did when I was 7 or 8.

I love your humble confidence in yourself. I love you willingness to try new adventures. I love how you are an individual.

Dear Jack: You Graduated Pre-K!

Seeing you graduate Pre-K gave me a glimpse of the boy will be in years to come. I undeniably get satisfaction as a parent knowing I have so far raised an intelligent, creative, well-behaved boy.

In just a couple of months, you’ll be starting Kindergarten. I’m not going to say the cliche thing: “I can’t believe you’re already going to be in Kindergarten.”

I can believe it.

Dear Jack: You Graduated Pre-K!

For these past 5 and a half years of your life, I have faithfully documented your life each week in my letters to you. I have watched you mature.

You’re ready for it. You’re ready for Kindergarten now.



Dear Jack: You Graduated Pre-K!

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