Today Is April Fools’ Day And I’m Not Even Kidding… Seriously

April 1, 2014 at 5:48 am , by 

3 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

For the past two April Fools’ Days in which I’ve been writing to you, I have participated in the tradition of trying to be tricky.

Back when you were 1, I pretended like I was trying to get you on the TLC show, Toddlers And Tiaras.

Last year when you were 2, I acted like we were going to stop being a “plant-based” family.

What I learned from the past two years is that unfortunately, most people took me too seriously. So in essence, it wasn’t funny.

That was supposed to be the point, to be funny by tricking people, yet it wasn’t really fun… to confuse so many people like that.

So this year, I’m not trying to be funny or trick anyone.

Instead, I’m the guy that’s giving out a “courtesy reminder” to everyone I know to expect April Fools’ pranks from everyone else:

Courtesy reminder: It’s April Fools’ Day.

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The interesting thing is, more people thought that me warning everyone of April Fools’ Day pranks was funnier than the actual pranks that were meant to be funny the past couple of years.

In other words, sometimes it’s easier to be funny when you’re not actually trying to be. I think you can relate.

Well, at least some of the time, you can relate.

You’re at a point now where it’s getting difficult to know when you’re trying to be funny and when you’re funny without realizing it.

Like this past weekend as I sat you down on a clothing shelf at the Gap outlet while I looked at pants. You stood up, seeing the mannequin above you, stook out your hand, and asked, “How do you do?”

And on the way home from school last week, after we passed a few farms on the road back to our house, you decided, “Daddy, I want a horse and a donkey. Then if the donkey runs away, I can ride the horse and go find the donkey.”

The funny thing is, Mommy coincidentally bought you a “free horse riding lesson” Groupon the same day.

Now that’s funny. Or is it?







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