The Little Observational Alien In The Back Seat

April 5, 2014 at 8:53 pm , by 

3 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

Being in the car with you everyday is like having a little observational alien on a visit from outer space, who processes his thoughts out loud regarding the happenings of planet Earth around him.

After having just left the church library with a copy of the Dr. Seuss book Horton Hears A Who! and Horton Hatches The Egg, you invented another Horton book in your head that you asked me about:

“Hey Daddy, what about the book Horton Walks Into A Building? Can we get that one next time?”

Good point. I mean, how could that not be an awesome book? Now you got me pretty curious about what happens once Horton walks into that building. There are just so many possibilities…

Horton walks into a building. I like it.

A few days later we were at a red light, next to a guy smoking a cigarette, with his window down.

I looked back to you to catch your reaction. You were silently and discreetly blowing air, thinking I wasn’t paying attention.

But you saw, then proclaimed, “Hey Daddy, that man blows fog out of his mouth.”

That was the first time you’ve ever seen a person smoking before. I didn’t bother explaining how that works. We’ll just pretend it’s fog for now.

Another time we drove past a pond with ducks in it. Your immediate comment:

“Hey Daddy, some ducks have wings.”

Again, another good point. Some ducks indeed have wings. Maybe it’s just the part of Tennessee we live in, but I’ve actually yet to see the ducks that don’t have wings.

I wonder- do those ducks have arms instead?

Friday morning as we were driving to school, I pointed out to you a small fire up on the hill. I showed you the black smoke as it was rising up like the Smoke Monster from Lost.

You had another “hey Daddy” observation for me:

“Hey Daddy, I thinkfirebirds live there in the mountain.”

I responded by asking you what a firebird is.

“I think it’s just a bird that flies away from the fire,” you explained.

Man. That’s classic. I like having a little observational alien in the backseat.

For all I know you’re secretly reporting back to your home planet like Mork did at the end of each episode.

I hear you talking for about 10 or 15 minutes each night after Mommy puts you to bed.

Maybe that’s you reporting back to the base?

Love, Daddy


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Manners & Responsibility: 3 Manners Toddlers Should Know


How tall will your little alien grow to be? Find out.



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