Tips on Taking Control of Your Energy Bill: Unplugging Devices When Not in Use

Almost one out of three households in the United States struggle to pay their energy bills and as electricity costs are predicted to continue increasing on through 2020, this pressure could get even worse.

Generally, most of what we use electricity for is on necessities. Over 60% of energy consumption goes to powering appliances like refrigerators, keeping the heat and air conditioning on, and interior lighting. The other 40% goes to non-essential and luxury items like game consoles and TVs. Yet, one in ten households are kept at unsafe temperatures just to save money and one in five will go without other basic necessities as well, effectively overlooking simple ways to save. Turning down the thermostat is a good way to scale back high bills, but it certainly isn’t the only option.

From resealing doors and windows to switching to LED light bulbs, even small changes can add up to big savings on electricity. Ready to wrangle your family’s energy usage? See this infographic for more.