The Best Enneagram Test I Know Of, as a Certified Enneagram Coach: The Enneagram Wheel

I speak from experience: It’s not easy for most people to accurately discover their actual Enneagram personality type.

If you’ve taken multiple online tests, then you probably know what I mean: I’m guessing if you took 3 different tests, you probably got 3 different results.

The challenge with online quizzes being accurate is that you often answer the questions A) in regards to how you perceive yourself that particular day, B) how you perceive others perceive you that particular day, or C) how you wish to be perceived by others that particular day.

In regards to free online Enneagram tests, I am definitely partial to Cloverleaf. I was so impressed by their test that I actually ended up getting my Enneagram certification through them.

However, if you trying to figure out your Enneagram personality type, I suggest the first step is to check out the Enneagram Wheel pictured above.

The funny thing is, I am not for certain who created it; nor am I sure where it originally came from. What I do know is, for most people I have helped determine their Enneagram, I had them start with this wheel.

Simply ask yourself: Out of all these phrases, which is the one that best describes how you see your role in society.

Do your best to ignore the numbers, until you make your final decision.

As for me, I am the “Community Developer”, which is in the 6 section, but leaning towards the 7 section.

Therefore, my Enneagram is 6 (Wing 7).

I also invite you to watch my videos on YouTube about Enneagram, as well:



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