There is No Cure for Male Baldness or a Receding Hairline

There is No Cure for Male Baldness or a Receding Hairline

There are companies lining up to take your money right now to “cure” your thinning hair and receding hairline. They are simply playing on your emotions as they are willing to sell you the idea of hope.

But first, think about this…

If there truly was a cure for male baldness, A) we would already know about it and wouldn’t be having this conversation, and B) there would no longer be a huge demand for the cure for male baldness.

However, my years of blogging and months of YouTubing have taught me this: Put the phrase “receding hairline” into the title, then watch the traffic come steadily and consistently.

So if I know that as a blogger and vlogger, just imagine how aware companies must be aware of the fact that millions of men across the world are, to some degree, preoccupied with the fact they didn’t win the gene lottery like John Stamos.

Instead of an actual cure, you have the option of dousing your head in chemicals that will, if you’re lucky, most keep you from losing your hair… as long as you use it.

Or you can pay thousands to have a surgery done, which often leaves scars on the back of your head. Even if it doesn’t, the older you get, the more hair you’re going to lose.

Then you end up being a 50 year-old man with unnatural looking patches of hair on your head.

It’s a desperate attempt to try to fight the inevitable: Most men on planet Earth lose their hair as they get older.

As I’ve mentioned before, the problem isn’t that most of us men gradually lose our hair as we get older.

The actual problem is that we perceive this to be an issue that actually affects our lives. It doesn’t.

Whether I still had the same hairline I did at age 17, or whether I had no option but to “go full Jason Statham”, I can’t see how my life would be any different.

Yes, I am married to a beautiful woman.

But the thing is, my looks were the last thing she noticed when we met and fell in love.

As men, we allow ourselves to believe that women are attracted to men the same way we are attracted to them.

However, it’s not our looks that they notice first.

They are looking for things like confidence, kindness, humor, creativity, and the ability to financially provide. Way down the list is your looks. And your hairline isn’t even at the top of the “looks” list itself.

If anything, a full head of hair affects your confidence, and that abundance of confidence itself makes us seem more interesting and attractive and successful.

But just as easily, you could be a confident man with the right haircut to compliment your receding hairline (that probably no one will even notice anyway) or you could be a guy who buzzes your head with a #1 or #2 guard.

So, back the beginning. Are you going to let people take your money in an attempt to “cure” your thinning hair and receding hairline?

Instead, I suggest your take my words to heart.

Your hair is only a big deal to you; not others.

In other words…

It’s all in your head, it’s not on it.

And anyone who would ever bring up the fact your hair isn’t as full and thick as Don Henley’s or Ronald Reagan’s obviously is insecure themselves; if they must focus on something so petty and insignificant.

Thanks for reading my blog. I will close by sharing some other relevant videos I have made on the subject.

5 thoughts on “There is No Cure for Male Baldness or a Receding Hairline

  1. Brilliant! And spot on. When my wife and I met, I sported a mop of hair and facial hair that I regret. In the twelve years we’ve been together, Ive gone clean shaven and hair cropped short, almost shaved, and she doesnt mind. Youre right- it doesnt matter to anyone but you. My plan to deal with impending baldness is to go ‘full statham’ as you put it. And I’m sort of looking forward to it.


  2. I don’t get it, why all the paranoid fear of male pattern baldness? It isn’t a dreadful disease in urgent need of a cure. It’s a normal, natural inherited trait. A highly desirable trait, in my book. And for most of us guys it’s inevitable, so my advice is to relax and surrender to it and enjoy the ride.
    Easy for me to say. Instead of dreading MPB, I impatiently wished for it to happen to me. When I was a little boy, someone or something ‘infected’ me with a desire to go bald. The desire only grew stronger as I got older. By the time I was in college, I couldn’t go bald fast enough. A few of my college classmates were already balding and one went bald in about one year. Everyone else felt sorry for them. Not me. I was insanely jealous of them. But my turn to go bald didn’t happen for another 30 years, my early 50s. I had nearly lost hope when it finally happened, and it happened fast: in less than two years. At first I panicked, until my wife told me she was thrilled and begged me to just let it happen. The two years it took for me to go bald were like a second honeymoon for my wife and me. While I was going bald, she let her schoolgirl figure go. I always thought she was too thin and wished she would put on a lot of weight. She did, in all the right places. While I balded, she plumped. After twenty years, I still love being bald and she is still contentedly plump. Two wishes fulfilled. We are happy.


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