A Vegan Man’s Thoughts On McDonald’s “Our Food, Your Questions” Transparency Campaign

I will say, I do have respect for McDonald’s for their vulnerability in their new transparency campaign: Our Food, Your Questions.

Granted, I don’t think they’ve resorted to this measure because they sincerely care about informing the general public…

It appears pretty evident their bottom line has been affected by enough people (like me) who have either stopped eating fast food (due to preventative health reasons) or by people who were freaked out by the movie Supersize Me and/or those pictures on Facebook about pink slime in relation to their McNuggets.

A Vegan's Thoughts On McDonald’s "Our Food, Your Questions" Transparency Campaign

People are becoming more aware and curious about the food they are consuming; why helps add to the relevance of this Our Food, Your Questions campaign.

After watching their recent commercial, featured above, it comes across more like, “Okay, fine… let’s do this.”

I’m really curious to see how this plays out. At best, I think their vulnerability could possibly make them less of a target; which is something they could really help them as a business.

Something I’ve learned is that things can often be downplayed if they are simply addressed. I think that’s their plan.


I don’t think McDonald’s will ever be the empire they once were. I don’t see them continuing to expand the way they did for so long.

Isn’t Ronald McDonald himself pretty much retired by now? It seems like he’s laying low these days.

As comedian Jim Gaffigan points out in his special Mr. Universe, most adults are ashamed to admit eating there. Look it up on YouTube…

This article in Time does a good job of reviewing the main questions and answers.

One of the questions that has been asked is “Why doesn’t McDonald’s offer a veggie burger?”

A Vegan's Thoughts On McDonald’s "Our Food, Your Questions" Transparency Campaign

I think it’s because they know a guy like me who is concerned with GMOs is going to have bigger concerns. At least Burger King started offering veggie burgers a few years back….

The question of GMOs did come up. I respect their answer on that; which was basically that McDonald’s is too big of a company to be able to offer non-GMO food because most of America has been, in my own words here, been marked by the mark of the beast of Monsanto.

Ultimately, I do give credit to McDonald’s for being willing to have these (difficult) conversations with their customers and skeptics. Not many companies are willing to discuss where their food comes from; now that people are really starting to ask.


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