What My Kid Really Hears When I Read To Him

July 17, 2012 at 11:16 pm , by 

20 months.

My son Jack has been learning to read for several months now. At first, “reading” consisted of him going through his books,  pointing at and saying the animals he knew the name of.

These days, he has added some filler:

“Sah-soo joop mah loo kit. So so so top. Elmo. Guhpo took toe. Bird. Fah lom moosey…”.

In other words, he confidently speaks Gibberish (or maybe it’s Thai?) until he recognizes something on the page he recognizes.

For those familiar items, he speaks them slowly and clearly. Then back to kellee goo soss jot.

What this shows me is how he hears my wife and I when we read books to him.

It’s like Charlie Brown’s teachers and their “wahmp-wahmp-wahmp…” until we say a word he knows.

One of Jack’s new favorite books is Arlo Needs Glasses. It’s one of those 3-D pop-up books, which obviously Jack can appreciate, as well as, depreciate; when he accidently tears an item off the page in all his excitement.

He likes to try on the 4 sets of glasses that come with the book, which are intended for Arlo, the protagonist of the book.

And despite Arlo not being the household name that Elmo is, Jack definitely knows who Arlo the dog is:

“Fop dit yoof bog. Arlo. Dog. Whee! Siwween vox boey. Arlo…”.

Yes, I am simply Charlie Brown’s teacher at this point.



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