You get to help me with a small part for my upcoming “dad from day one” entry…

Give me an example of a popular and current father/husband on TV who is respected and loved by his family and is NOT known for constantly making comical messes- especially when it comes to goofing up home repairs or misbehaving in social outings.  *Bonus points if the guy is not shlubby and overweight yet married to a thin wife who is smart-witted, as to humorously contrast the father/husband’s character.

Examples of who I AM NOT looking for:

Fred Flintstone, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin of “Family Guy”, Kevin James of “King of Queens”, and Jim Belushi of “According to Jim”.

Remember, I’m looking for a current example, so Ward Cleaver from “Leave It to Beaver” or Mike Brady of “The Brady Bunch” would be disqualified.  I will define “current” as “since 2004”, which is the year Friends went off the air and Lost began.

Also, he has to be a popular character on a decently cool and relevant show.  No ABC Family or Hallmark stuff.

He must be intelligent as well as faithful to his family, but he can’t be nerdy either.  So Ned Flanders from “The Simpsons” won’t work.  Also, he can’t be a widow who is overcoming his wife’s death.  He has to be currently married to his wife on the show, giving an ongoing example of what a good husband and father is.

And… he can’t be killed off the show or marginalized in any way.  He has to be a solid, consistent character.

He is not perfect; he does make mistakes.  Therefore he is a real man and human being; he is not an alien or a robot.

The winning example will be published in the upcoming “dad from day one” post (possibly as part of the title itself) for thousands to see.

Answer the question: “Who is the modern Ward Cleaver?”

Impress me, friends.  Because in all my creativity the only example I can come up with is Adam Braverman on the series Parenthood.


Since writing this, I finished the post.  You can read it by clicking the title below:

dad from day one: The Return of the Classic American Father (Being the Modern Day Ward Cleaver)


8 thoughts on “You get to help me with a small part for my upcoming “dad from day one” entry…

  1. I couldn’t think of any, and have never seen the show you mention.

    Dad’s are generally portrayed as at best loveable buffoons today. At worst their malevolent, threatening the safety of their wives and even children.


  2. It was just cancelled, but the Dad from the show “Medium” with Patricia Arquette. He was always supportive and a good man. The dynamic between him and Patricia Arquette rang true. It jus felt real. A real portrait of a loving, flawed family.


  3. Eric Camden played by Stephen Collins on the series 7th Heaven. (Premiered on the WB network in August of 1996 and ended May 2007 on the CW network — although I believe it still lives on in syndication). His character was a husband, father, and minister. There were episodes of things that he did that were humorous, but for the most part he was a strong character who cared for his family and the community around him. I think that one of the reasons I always liked the show so well was because it was a show about family and it didn’t make the father out to be goofy. You may disqualify this suggestion if you think this show is too “ABC Family”, but this is the ONLY example that I could think of. There is a definite need for more real men of character on TV today!


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